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Your Carpet Cleaned To Where It Looks Good, Smells Good, And Feels Good. Guaranteed Or It's Free!
For Only $25 Per Room! Call Now To Have Your Carpet Shampooed And Deep Steam Cleaned.
Your Local Carpet Cleaning Guy 1-224-805-6456 
Shampoo And Deep Steam Clean...First Room Is $50. And Every Room After That Is $25... Even A Set Of Stairs Are $25 

Deep Steam Cleaning
Powerful Truck Mount System (Run Hoses From The Van)
Stain Removal
Pet Odor Removal
Safe Cleaning Products
Your Carpet Dry Within A Couple Of Hours
Dear Friend my name is Randy Lassiter If you would like your carpet cleaned for a fare price at a time that's convenient for you then please call 1-224-805-6456 and ask for Randy. I specialize in stain removal, odor removal, and drying your carpet quickly.

My Carpet Cleaning Process.
I prespray your carpet with the best and environmentally safe shampoo on the market (Matrix Grand Slam).
Matrix Grand Slam has been tested against several cleaners and the results are in, it breaks up soil the best from your carpet compared to other leading presprays.
First I prespray your carpet with Matrix Grand Slam and let it work its magic for a couple of minutes.Then I deep steam clean your carpet, plus hand scrub out every black spot and stain from it. I do extra vacuum strokes to help it dry fast. And once I'm done cleaning your carpet I groom it to lift the fibers, (this will bring your carpet back to life).
The fastest way to dry your carpet is to turn on your ceiling fans, your carpet should be dry within a couple of hours.
Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
And before I go, I'll make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Stain Removal.

I specialize in black spot and stain removal. Most black spots can be removed. They usually come from some type of sticky residue left behind from a spill, dirt sticks and then it turns black. Have no fear because I can remove most of them.

Color stains on the other hand are a little bit trickier to remove. Red stains, blue stains, yellow stains, and orange stains can be removed but you have to act fast before they become permanent. 
Many things come into play when removing stains. First thing you need is a good stain protector in your carpet. Next you need to use the best stain remover. And third you need to remove the stain as soon as possible, before it becomes permanent.
I use the best stain removers on the market, made by Jondon and Bridge Point. They will either completely remove your stain, or at least lighten it up. But there's no guarantee the stain will disappear. I highly recommend that you do not use any chemicals yourself on the stain, because if you do, you run the risk of setting it, and making it become permanent.
Newer stains are easier to remove. Older stains are harder to remove. The sooner you remove them the better off you will be. So hurry and give me a call and I will come out immediately for you. 
Odor Removal From Pets
I use a Bridge Point Odor Exterminator called Hydrocide to remove any odor from urine, vomit, decayed organic matter, sour smells, feces, skunk, musty mildew odors, and much more. If your animals heavily urinate on your carpet, the best thing to do is to pull back your carpet and remove the padding that has been infected and replace it with new padding. Once we replace it with new padding I reinstall it and clean it using Hydrocide Odor Exterminator. Bam, now your carpet smells fresh again.
About Me

I have 20 years of experience, plus I'm a third generation floor man. My Grandfather started flooring in 1948. My father carried on the tradition and passed it on to me. I’m telling you this because I’m a highly skilled carpet cleaner and I will do a great job for you.

Through the years I have learned what people demand from a person they do business with.

One of the things you probably demand is Respect. I focus intensely on giving people the respect they deserve. I learned this from my father and my martial arts training buddies. You see if I treated my father and my training partners with disrespect they would try to smash me into a little ball and kick me out the front door. I have been doing this type of training since I was a kid. Now that I’m thirty eight years old, I have dealt with many people in my life, and when I treat them with respect, they appreciate it, and give me repeat business, plus referrals. This is what keeps me in business.

Another thing people need is trust. You know the saying "Do what you say and say what you do". Well that's exactly what you get from me.
I don’t take advantage of people with my pricing. I search all the time to see what my competitors is charging, and it looks like I'm giving the best deal.

I give a two hour time frame of when I will arrive at your home. I know it’s important to show up on time because that's one of the first things people thank me on, or when I receive praises on Facebook, the comments usually read, "Randy did a great job and he was on time". So I will give you a two hour time frame of when I will arrive, and if I'm not there when I say I will be there, you can request a discount, and I will oblige.

I Would Be Happy To Do This For You
  1. Make your embarrassing carpet look NEW again. Something you can be proud of.
  2. Make black spots disappear like magic. I can remove about 95% of them.
  3. Remove stains from food and beverages. You need to remove them quickly before they become permanent.
  4. Eliminate pet stains from vomit and urine, so you don’t have to be horrified by them anymore.
  5. Make your carpet smell fresh again by eliminating pet odor.
  6. Get your security deposit back by freshening your carpet up.
  7. Help rent your place out by brightening up your carpet.
  8. Help you sell your place by making your carpet desirable.
  9. Get rid of the previous tenants smell before Moving into your new place.
  10. Make you carpet look amazing before having company over.
  11. Destroy all Allergens and Dust mites in your carpet so you can live a healthier lifestyle.
What’s the specific reason why you want your carpet cleaned? Let me know so I can help you.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

$25 Per Room To Shampoo and Deep Steam Clean Your Carpet... (Living room, Dining room, Family room, Hall, Stairs, and Bedrooms, are all part of this great deal). FIRST ROOM $50. and every room after that is $25 Per Room. Even Stairs Are $25
$25 Per Room To Apply Scotchgard Fabric Protector. I highly recommend that you splurge a little and Re-Apply 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector to your carpet. It will help pro long the life of your carpet.
$25 Per Room To spray Odor Exterminator. It exterminates any odor from urine, vomit, decayed organic matter, sour smells, feces, skunk, musty mildew odors, and much more.
Here's The Deal I Have For You

I'll shampoo and steam clean your carpet, (Living room, Dining room, Family room, Hall, Stairs, Bedrooms and Other rooms). I will remove most stains and black spots. I will force dry your carpet (your carpet should be dry within a couple of hours), and I will groom your carpet to bring it back to life First Room $50 and every room after that FOR ONLY $25 Per Room.  Even a set of stairs are $25. And let me tell you my friend, that is a great deal.

My normal price is .40 cents per square foot to deep steam clean your carpet. If you measure the square footage of your rooms and multiply it by .40 cents you will see what a GREAT DEAL you are getting.

My Guarantee is this. You don't have to pay one red cent until you go over everything and make sure it's to your satisfaction.

This Special Ends Soon! So before you do anything else and miss out on this Great Deal, hurry and call 1-224-805-6456 and set up an appointment.

Call before you miss out on this great deal.


I had a grease/oil stain on the carpet. After I had tried 2 or 3 different cans of carpet cleaner, I called. One visit & it was gone & stayed gone. I loved the fact that Randy was on time each time I have used him!!! Julie Thompson.

A Google UserRandy did a great job for us after the record storm of July 2011. He saved our carpeting, showed up quick and saved us money over the big chain outfit. We always try to use local companies for repairs/services and finding Randy on Google maps turned out to be a life saver.

I made the mistake of buying a carpet cleaner from the store. Every time I cleaned it, the carpet looked good for a while and then it seemed to just attract the dirt. I called Randy's Carpet service and was very pleased. Randy showed up on time, did an awesome job and the price was way better than what I expected. The best part, the carpet stayed clean. Now the carpet cleaner stays in the closet"," Henry Agallar 

Best carpet cleaning job ever on my old carpet. Anka Stark

P.S When I explain to you what your carpet will look like when I'm done cleaning it, and if it doesn’t turn out that way, then I will go over any area you are not satisfied with, and re clean it for you. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Randy Lassiter 
Phone 1-224-805-6456

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