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The following is a list of web sites that are related to my projects.  If you experience any difficulty with any of these sites, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Please also note that as of January 2013 the new web site is active and contains all of this information in detail.

My On-Line Publications:

In the past few years I have started to write articles on various actions or events of the Great War of 1914-1919 (the First World War). Once completed they are published on the ISSUU self publication site. You can find the current list of articles on our shared resource site for the CEFSG Matrix project here at: In addition, all archived technical and new military history publications are now on the Publications page. These are direct links to the most current versions of the military essays and articles:
  1. Milton Soldiers of the Great War 1914-1919 (October 2007)
  2. General Currie's First Stand - The Capture of Hill 70 (June 2008)
  3. The Last Great Cavalry Charge - Moreuil Wood & Rifle Wood, March 1918 (November 2008)
  4. Milton's War Trophy #9563 - The 3rd Canadian Infantry Battalion at the Canal du Nord in September 1918 (July 2009)
  5. The Attack on Hatchet Wood - Battle of Amiens, August 1918 (December 2010)
  6. Milton's Commemorative Gold Watches - A Mystery from the Past (March 2011)
  7. The First Cold War: CEF in Siberia and North Russia (December 2012)
  8. The CEF at Bois-Grenier, March 1915: The Forgotten Battle (May 2015)
  9. Get Squared! Use a Trench Map (March 2016)

My Blog Sites:

The following blogs are "Index Blogs" in that they lead to a number of other "Individual Blogs" within that category.

CEF Soldiers of the Great War:

Detailed summary documents that describe the background and role of the individual soldier in the Great War of 1914-1919. Primary research information comes from the "Military Service File" of the soldier as held by Library and Archives Canada. Specific information on the units in which the soldier served, the battles in which they fought, and where they may have been killed are wounded are provided based on the unit war diaries and other military history texts.

Great War Soldiers of Canadian Communities:

These are blogs of groups of soldiers of the Great War, organized on a community basis. In most cases the names of the soldiers who were killed in action were taken from the community cenotaphs. Due to the large number of soldiers in any one community that paid the ultimate sacrifice, the details are then provided on a more comprehensive web site.

Other Blog Sites:

Basic information on the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group Matrix Project, used as a tool to attract those that are searching for Great War information on blog sites. The blog will also link you to the primary CEF MATRIX web site that is described in the following web site section.

The Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (CEFSG) Blog records the status of the main CEFSG web site, where members and others can check if there are any "issues" or if they want to leave comments about the primary web site. This blog also contains a comprehensive list of LINKS for use in the research of WWI Soldiers, as well as links for genealogists that are researching family members in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

The "Red Recycle Box" is a personal blog to denote dissatisfaction with all the junk mail that is delivered to our house by Canada Post. Our solution provides a reasonable alternative to the Blue Recycle Box that is provided by the municipality:

My Web Sites:


In late 2012 the new site of went live out of Milton, Ontario CANADA. This new site will now host all of the information that was on the web site in various sub-directories. On you will now find our Ancestors, Blog, Companies, Military and a new Comments section. The site also hosts a web-link page to other LAUGHTON's worldwide (the .com and ,org sites) as well as the LTS Forum.

CENSOL Web Site:

CENSOL Inc. is our primary international environmental consulting business. Incorporated in 1991 and formerly know as "Pollutech International Limited", the company has provided process consulting, financial analysis and project management to government agencies, corporations and individuals in South East Asia, the African Continent, the Middle East, Europe, South and Central America and both the United States and Canada.

The Parent Company, Laughton Management Corporation:

Our first holding company, "Laughton Development Corporation" (1977) was later amalgamated with our first environmental consulting company "MISA Laboratories Limited" (1984) to form the "Pollutech Group of Companies". At that time, the new holding company was formed to provide for the day-to-day management of the primary consulting firms, which grew to include: Pollutech Environmental Limited, Pollutech Enviroquatics Limited, Pollutech Geotechnical Limited, and Pollutech International Limited. That company is Laughton Management Corporation.

The Laughton Family Tree:

As early at 1960, my Uncle Paul McDonnell Laughton began to unearth and assemble documents to create a family tree of the Laughton Family from the Orkney Islands of Scotland since 1771. In 2004 I took over the assembly of the information and began the conversion of all the information to a web based resource. In 2008 the project was expanded to include not only the direct line from Gilbert Laughton 1771 to Richard Laughton 1952, but also all of the other family lines. Other Laughton Clan members have now joined in on the project from Scotland, Texas, Arizona, British Columbia and Alberta.

Richard Laughton

The site has been abandoned in favour of the sites on the TelNic network.

It had been suggested that the future of the telecommunications industry would not be based on numerical addresses, such as phone numbers, but on the names of web sites.  With the 2009 introduction on the ".tel" domain, that projection is much closer to reality.  In order to make sure the name was held, we opened a one page web site through our primary web hosting service to list details similar to what is posted here.

CENSOL is now a participant in the .tel program operated by Telnic, which will act as a central contact point for all companies that have a registered trademark.

The corresponding link for all of the contact information, as well as links to blogs and web sites, for the Laughton Clan are also now on the Telnic system.

Laughton Training and Sales, Equestrian Company of Daughter Tessa

Our daughter Tessa Laughton has been an active rider, trainer, coach and facilitator of equine sales for a number of years.  To assist her with her business development, a web site was created with all of the details about her horses, students, facilities and services. Also linked to this web site are a number of blog sites that were prepared so each of her students could showcase their "ride". More details on LTS here:

The Collection of Military Web Sites:

These sites contain detailed information on the research work of  LMC's "Great War Research Company".

Great War Site for Lt. G. V. Laughton, M.C.:

George Van Wyck Laughton was my paternal grandfather, a serving member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (142nd Infantry Battalion) and the British 3rd Army (26th Northumberland Fusiliers) in the Great War (1914-1919). He served with distinction at Vimy Ridge where he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry and later wounded at Passchendaele.

Great War Site for A/Cpt. J. A. C. Kennedy:

Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy was my maternal grandfather, a serving member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) and the British Army (8th & 12th Royal Irish Rifles) in the Great War (1914-1919). Jack was wounded in the 2nd Battle of Ypres in May  1915. After recovering from his wounds, he rejoined the war as an officer in the British Forces, where he served until he was captured by the Germans in March 1918. He served the rest of the war in a German POW Camp.

Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group:

The CEFSG is an international group of military enthusiasts who concentrate of the formation, structure and operation of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War (First World War). The site was relocated to a Canadian server in July 2012 at which time a major software update was also implemented. There are now several components to the site, all of which can be reached from links at the main site:

Within the CEFSG, I created and manage the MATRIX PROJECT which is a web site dedicated to explaining the structure of the CEF and the collection of information on all units of the CEF, as well as detailed MATRIX UTILITIES that assimilates then disseminates key information to other researchers. The Matrix is one of the most visited web site on Canadian military history.

A significant contribution to the study of the Great War was created with the use of Google Earth, so now all of the Nicholson Great War maps are available as Google Earth Overlays here:
Google Earth Military Moderated Nicholson Matrix Mapping Project

A new addition to the CEFSG site is a WIKI site to increase the opportunity for members of the research group to update our joint information contained within the Matrix. This is an "ongoing project".

The main link to the CEFSG FORUM was changed with the update to the phpBB3 software. Existing and new members should go here:

Milton Historical Society, Great War Soldiers:

As part of a Remembrance Day Project in 2006, I began to assemble all the available information on Soldiers from Milton and the surrounding area that paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Great War. Most, but not all, of these men are listed on the Cenotaph in Victoria Park Milton and the Cenotaph in Haltonville. During 2007 detailed research was completed on all of the soldiers listed at Victoria Park to document their military history as well as the nature and extent of the action that lead to their death. In 2008 that was expanded to include all the details on the Soldiers listed on the Haltonville Cenotaph. Work to be completed in 2009 will include all of the mapping of the grave sites in Canada, France and Flanders on Google Earth, where it has now reached a 5 star ranking. The project was the winner of the 2008 Milton Heritage Award for Education.

The "Milton Soldiers" project was expanded considerably in 2011 and 2012 with the addition of detailed information on the men and women who served in earlier and later wars. The new direct links are as follows:

  1. Milton Soldiers in the War of 1812
  2. Milton Soldiers in the South African Boer War
  3. Milton Soldiers in the Great War of 1914-1921
  4. Milton Soldiers in the Second World War
  5. Milton Soldiers in the Korean Police & Peacekeeping Action
  6. Milton Soldiers Rolls and Memorials
  7. Milton Soldiers Remembrance Project (Audio & Test Transcripts)
  8. Milton Soldiers Gold Watch Project
  9. Milton's Victoria Park War Trophy

A short link to all the sites is as follows:

The Google Earth Community recognized the significance of the work on the Milton Soldiers Project when it moved the tour of the soldiers final resting places to the moderated section of the site. You can now view that here:
Google Earth History Moderated Milton Soldier Project