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slackware linux essentials

primarly for slackware lovers and provides some basic linux configuration ideas  

"In a world without walls and fences 

         - who needs Windows and Gates? "

latex help

simple single page latex help to all tech publishing friends, with lot of templates

all this is to share information, ideas and resources, which i gathered during these periods. i have a belief that information must be free to all, i will soon create a page for my lecture notes.  always i feel, i have less  " time and energy" and is so happened that both are intertwined (related  )in same way as in (at least my) life and physics. 

 "How I like a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics..."

Note that the number of letters in each word gives Pi =3.14159265358979... 

these days i started loving landau, and i feel that he was the best theoretician and teacher of this century. want to be like him, like to be a part of landau school, now without its master, so i started buying landau series(course of theoretical physics). if anyone want to give me a present, please give me these text books. i have 2 of those volumes [1.mechanics, 3. qm]

this is a part from preface to 3rd edition of qm, written by landau's student and best friend, lifshitz.

"landau's astonishing grasp of theoretical physics often enabled him to dispense with any consultation of original paper : he was able to derive results by method of his own choice. This may have been the reason why our book did not contain any reference to other authors.... i haev added reference to the work of landau himself where he describe results or methods that are due to him personally and have not been published else where"

both these text books are masterpieces, i suggest every one to go through the biblio, written by lifshitz, in the mechanics text book, this book as such, the ebst book i have seen.

please use wiki even for your subject searches


fun time

 play pacman, sudoku (my all time fav,- i put medium ones) some little joke stuff, these things are not under my control :)