Research papers

  1. R. Badrinath, R. Krishnakumar, R.K. Palanivel Rajan, "Virtualization aware job schedulers for checkpoint-restart," icpads, pp. 1-7,  13th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems - Volume 2 (ICPADS'07),  2007. [


I am passionate about writing technical articles. I got my first interview call (at NatureSoft), after they saw one of my articles.  The first article was on writing a Toy Operating System. This article stemmed out of my experience of having created a Routing Operating system named GROS (Gros is a Routing Operating System) at college. Most of the articles are based out my investigations into how things work. 

Its one thing to understand something and it is a totally different thing to write about it. Occasionally it becomes a tedious process. But on the whole I have always found that writing is fun !! And when some folks find the articles useful, its all the more rewarding. 

Below is the list of articles written by me.

Linux Gazette

  1. Writing your own toy OS - Part 1
  2. Rapid Application development using PyGtk.
  3. Writing your own toy OS - Part 2
  4. Compiling the Linux kernel
  5. Experiments with the Linux kernel: process segments
  6. HugeTLB - Large Page Support in the Linux Kernel

Linux Journal 

  1. Kprobes - a Kernel Debugger