Professional life

First job

I was doing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. in Govt. Engineering college Thrissur, when I wrote the article Writing Your Own Toy OS (Part I). I got an interview call from a company called Naturesoft after one of their folks read my article. I got through the interview and got a job in the embedded division of Naturesoft. I worked on various products involving linux. I worked on stuff like  embedded firewall, PCI driver, network card driver, board bringup, embedded data collection/analysis product, I2C, GPIO programming etc. The products were based on architectures such as SH4, MIPS etc.

Move to High Performance computing

During my college days I worked on some projects involving clusters - a Beawolf cluster project  and a parallel programming project. What interested me in High performance computing was it involved a lot of Networking and Operating systems. Both these were quite interesting topics for me and hence I wanted to work on HPC products since then. So when I decided to move (mainly to come to Bangalore ;-) and got an offer to work in HPC domain, I took it. Thus I joined the HPCD division of  Hewlett Packard(HP).