Qualitek-4 Working DEMO Download

DOWNLOAD - Full Featured Working Model (DEMO, our standard Windows 32 Bits version. Be sure to click item#2 below if you wish to run it on Windows 7+ 64 Bits system.  Feel free to download the optional files (a, b, c and d) if you need. You will have LIMITED TIME to evaluate this working DEMO. The DEMO version contains all examples experiments described in the textbooks by R. Roy.

Click here to Download DEMO (Display and/or save in your own computer, less than 10 Meg.):

(1) Qualitek-4 DEMO(32 Bits) Installation/Setup file   (http://nutek-us.com/QT4-Setup.EXE )

(2) Qualitek-4 DEMO(64 Bits) Installation/Setup file   (http://nutek-us.com/QT4-SetupIB_Win7_64Bits.EXE )

Note: You may need to set COMPATIBILITY MODE to install & run Qualitek-4 in Windows 7 (64 Bits). Should you encounter problems downloading, installing, or running, please email us (Support@Nutek-us.com ) with details.       

Optional Download:
(a) Readme and Quick Reference (http://nutek-us.com/QT4-Setup_Readme-Quickref.pdf)
User Guide (http://nutek-us.com/QT4-Setup_UserGuide.pdf)
(c) Application Guide
(d) Reference Manual (http://nutek-us.com/QT4-Setup_Ref-Manual.pdf)  

Additional Reference Files ( Free download):

Taguchi Robust Design - Seminar/Workshop  Qualitek-4 Application Guide