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Knitting In Movies

I'm always looking to see where knitting will show up.
Sometimes I find someone knitting is in the airport, in the baseball stands, or even during church.

Lately knitting keeps finding me at the movies!

If you have a favorite movie (or even tv episode) that features knitting or fabulous knitted items please share in the comment field.
What's your favorite movie to knit to?

Movies with Knitting or Knitwear *
How to Train a Dragon (I was totally distracted by the free-form sweater)
Chicken Run
Any Wallace and Gromit movies
Dancing Laghnasa
100% Wool
Raising Helen
Muppet Treasure Island - pirate knits a pirate flag
Harry Potter
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Alex and Emma
Never been kissed
Little Women
Lost in Translation
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Dispicable me  knitwear....
Charlie & the chocolate factory
Treasure Hunt (1952)
Love comes softly
Blue Moon (1999)
Bailey’s Mistake (2001)
*please note I have not seen all of these movie.

TV Episoides
I Love Lucy episode where the girls knit for their drafted boys
I Love Lucy episode where she is darning a sock only the way Lucy would.

Knitting youtubes