Rochester Knitting Guild's
6th Annual Spring Knitting Retreat (March 11-13, 2016)

Check out some photos from the 2016 Retreat (here)

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March 3-5, 2017

3rd Annual
Spring Knitting Retreat  (March 8-10, 2013)
                 What a lovely spring weekend!

Each year we've grown by leaps and bounds, with many veteran campers returning with a friend or even two!  This year 26 guests enjoyed the cozy weekend accommodations at Camp Stella Maris and 9 more joined us for the Saturday workshops.

We kicked the weekend off right with a Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting. YUM!  Everyone brought their favorites to share and we all marveled at the variety.

Friday Evening's Show & Tell hour turned into a full Evening of Stand Up Comedy. I do not think I have ever laughed so hard, well at least not since last year. Many campers brought in inspiring works of art but we could all relate to the many knitting disasters that stole the show.

s jammed packed with workshops. We had three workshops to choose from Saturday morning: Knitted Beaded Necklace, Fiesta Mittens, and the Spanish Dancer Shawl. Jane's necklace students proved to be quick learners and before they knew it they had a new piece of jewelry. Grammy lead many through the challenging, but fascinating,  Fiesta Mitten Pattern and Erin got her students started with the Spanish Dancer Shawl. In the afternoon, some of us relaxed by the fireplace while others continued on the shawl or ventured into another beading technique with Jane's sp
iral bracelet. 

Saturday evening we enjoyed a few rounds of a Yarn Swap, which lead to a wre
stling match and a little exploration of everyone's creative Notion solutions. 

Sunday we sprung ahead with the time change and still managed to fit in a few more Knitting and Crochet Tips & Tricks.

We hope to see you at a Future Spring Retreat!

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March 7-9, 2014