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Global School of Excellence in Nandiyal, AP

Nandi Academy is a school where educations starts by doing than being taught.. It is to mould those bright  students of K-12 who would have the global resource and the ambiance in Nandyal – which is 90 min drive from Hyderabad –Bangalore Expressway of Kurnool district in AP..  It is at the foothills of Nallamalai forest reserve. Please see the same in Google Maps from Hyderabad direction in the directions  .

This innovative Education is driven with passion by the founders of Nandi Industry Group  with a passion that Education is a way to give back to the society for GenN that would be more confident and self driven than being  another me too.  Only a visit to the campus  in massive 13 acres Residential School facility will give the genuine feel. Meeting the existing stakeholder and Management will reinforce that providing a world class facility at a very affordable cost is viable borne out of passion to succeed.

The following Recruitment are initiated where the candidate has to demonstrate the willingness to grow with the campus and be able to deliver what is truly expected of Educationist . Not by a another me too teacher

  1. English Teacher : Should have neutral accent with excellent communication skill . With proven experience and being multi linguist will be an advantage. The first prelim screening will be over the phone and then the possible video conferencing for finalise.  Experience in Theatre and Music would be advantage to consider with the ability to improve the student phonetic skills and correction of regional accent.
  1. Music Teacher : A very focussed expert Music teacher who can indeed inspire the students in their formative age to learn and understand the vocal voice training . To be very eloquent in communications . Be it Indian classical Shastriya  or Carnatic or even Western Soprano like is not the issue. But someone who would be able to teach that music notes that  can mimic moods. That once the fundamentals with Vocal Chord are well trained with practice. A practice that gives lot of joy. Knowledge of any Music instrument ( not just the mere Casio likes ) but preferably the Piano, Violin or the Guitar . The Nandy School plans  to set up the Music Lab where the digital contents are be played back and recording facility also.  Later train the students to be a part of Community FM School Radio Station.  Would have to demonstrate the skills at the School campus
  1. School Administrator : Only those with proven experience in School Administration for all non-Academic activities.  From Construction to Logistic should know how to trouble shoot the problem with deft and without being told.

We are Pre Placement Experts to screen the preliminary level for a smooth transitioning to make you the part of the Nandi Academy. Nandi Academy has one of the most ambitious plans to develop as the best hub of Educational resources where the learning is more of fun.. To what is called Sudbury experience with innovation and passion .  More can be discussed when you establish the connect. Once we are convinced that the bandwidth can happen to your expectation and that of the school Management, then the next level of process shall start

You can always call us at 9440179822 for any clarification In this meanwhile , please do remain connected through the following message board of the best career opportunities with innovation and excellence. See it all at

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