About Minister Kee, II

Minister Rayvann Kee, II: Preacher, teacher, mentor, psychotherapist, consultant, coach, praise and worship leader, song-writer, and entrepreneur. 

Minister Kee is a member and associate minister of the Pentecostal Faith Assembly Church, Philadelphia, PA, under the leadership of District Elder Brenda Cuthbertson.  He currently holds positions as Director of Missions and Outreach and President of Men’s Ministry.  His ministry is multifaceted in that it provides insight, guidance, and strategic solutions that foster personal development, build leadership capacity, and mobilize people through the Word of God, for the purpose of kingdom advancement.  He is a dynamic and anointed spokesman, called to set a standard of excellence by instructing and training potential leaders and mentoring men and youth.  He is in the process of writing a book entitled, “Daddy’s Boys”, which emphasizes the father-son relationship and elucidates its importance to effective discipleship and generational blessings.  Further, he is collaborating with Ambassadors Fellowship, Inc.---a missions organization, to develop and implement a training module that will disciple men to raise up and train other men for continued discipleship.  To date, he has traveled the east coast, to Jamaica, and to Canada, as well as to Tijuana, Mexico, Benin, West Africa, and Bogota, Colombia, ministering and enhancing his discipleship skills.

Minister Kee is Co-Founder of a start-up non-profit named Emerge Philadelphia, Inc., which assists urban youth in identity development, developing leadership skills, and increasing self and cultural awareness through mentoring, instruction, arts, and humanities.  Additionally, he is laying the foundation for a consulting firm and psychological practice, which will focus in the areas of organizational and executive assessment, change management, leadership and personal development, strategic planning, and solution-focused and executive coaching in order to improve individual and/or organizational efficiency and effectiveness for business profitability and personal success.  He is uniquely equipped with an extensive clinical background in psychology, skilled in the art of counseling, knowledgeable about change processes and organizational dynamics, and consistently increasing in business acumen.  He has experience in solution-focused therapies, assessment and feedback, behavioral interventions, executive assessment and coaching, and strategic planning.  He has had an opportunity to work as a community liaison and consultant through his academic and personal endeavors. 

Currently a student at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology and Widener School of Business, he is pursuing both his doctorate in clinical psychology and master’s in business administration.  He holds a master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, as well as an undergraduate degree in human biology from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  He has received numerous awards and scholarships, and is an active member of several professional organizations.  His studies are focused in the areas of organizational change processes, executive assessment and coaching, leadership training and development, and minority mental health.

Minister Kee is a relevant voice to this generation, with a genuine concern for the well-being of individuals, families, and organizations from a holistic perspective.  He believes in optimizing and leveraging one’s skills and abilities in order to maximize productivity and personal satisfaction.  His greatest desire is to see individuals discover and embrace their God-given assignments, and to see the church of God function in kingdom power, authority, and principles for a flow of generational blessings and guaranteed kingdom results.