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Business Process Mapping and customer translation services


   Customer requirements when procuring new products and services can often be influenced by a number of variables.  Cost, time and quality are the obvious drivers however the customers own lack of knowledge of the market they are tendering in and in some cases a user requirement based on a flawed understanding of the process they are seeking to improve can have a profound and negative impact on the type and quality of products or services they ultimately acquire.


RJPS Ltd provides support and consultancy services for companies developing new user requirements and act as an effective intermediary between the customer and supplier. RJPS Ltd provide in house workshops with clients to help them define and understand the business processes that underpin the user requirement and ensure that the product or service absolutely meets expectations. This holistic approach ensures that the practitioners voice is heard, processes are optimised prior to user specifications being written, maximum value for money is achieved and the customer-supplier relationship is placed on a solid footing from the start.


Compliance testing and benefits realisation services


For a business to meet its strategic aims it requires vision, leadership and clearly articulated standards to support and guide staff. It is one thing to provide staff with training manuals, protocols and procedures but quite another to ensure that these are recognised, embedded and are providing the business with the outcomes it desires. RJPS Ltd are specialists in compliance testing and audit. Their proven methodology is being used within major nationally networked organisations across the UK providing businesses with critical intelligence and evidence based reporting that can support change programmes and drive strategic imperatives. RJPS Ltd can bespoke this methodology for any business or organisation giving them the ability to quickly pressure test key parts of their organisation or conduct a complete health check.



Debrief services


RJPS Ltd has extensive experience in providing debrief services. Its security vetted staff have an in depth knowledge of the security environment and have provided consultancy advice and support to national UK security organisations. RJPS Ltd’s fully transferable debrief methodologies are now being made available to the broader business environment.


Debrief – RJPS Ltd has developed a robust debriefing methodology that is based on creating an environment that encourages teams and individuals to think about their experiences in a structured but informal way.


Its debrief process is broken down into two phases. A strategic debrief provides a platform that allows senior managers the freedom to provide honest and open and reflective feedback. This is followed by a practitioner based tactical/operational debrief where teams are encouraged to record and discuss their experience with their peers. The process allows for all practitioner experience to be captured, assessed and codified providing a basis for solid evidence based recommendations to emerge. RJPS Ltd debrief processes have now been widely adopted by key security partners providing clear, evidenced based mandates for change and helping to capture and embed good practice and real learning.


RJPS Ltd Knowledge Management Application (KMA) 


'History repeats itself - it has to, no one listens'  (Steven Turner)


‘If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive’. Lew Platt (Hewlett Packard CEO 1992-1999, d. 2005)


How does a business retain, manage and gain insight from the knowledge that it holds? How much time and effort do companies invest in listening to their people, organising debriefs and workshops, producing reports and recommendations only to see the learning lost or diluted because there is no business process that can make sense of what is important to the business?


RJPS Ltd Knowledge Management Application (KMA), available as a bespoke web based fully hosted solution or standalone system based on MS Office products – viewable and updateable locally provides up to date & meaningful information about everything that you and your business needs to know. 


The success of the KMA lies in it's ability to place a structure around how a business acquires, processes and manages it's knowledge ensuring that trends and real learning are captured and flagged, priorities are evidenced and strategic decision making is based on a real understanding of the business.


Training and other services

A key part of RJPS Ltd’s service is the delivery of training to managers, team leaders and practitioners in continuous improvement methodologies - including the extensive use of quality and control tools and the development and delivery of Lean Six Sigma training programmes. One to three-day workshops can be run for clients wishing to identify key issues and bring about improvements.


Other services offered by the company include project and change management support and conflict resolution.


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