Phase Two


Now that a Tournament Date and Site have been established, then the next step in the process is to market your event.  The main way this is accomplished is by creating an attractive Tournament Flyer or Brochure.  The Tournament Flyer should include all of the following, but not limited too:


1.               Name of the Tournament

2.               Date of the Tournament

3.               Start time for the Tournament

4.              Tournament Host Site

5.               The purpose of the Tournament

6.               Entry Fee

7.               Registration form

8.              Points of Contact and their contact information

9.               Tournament Mailing Address

10.        Forms of payment accepted


Additional items could include: Sponsor packages available, Tournament website, Directions to host facility, What Entry fee covers.


The Tournament Flyer should have a professional look, lending credibility to your event.  The more colors you can afford to use, the better look.  It should also be simple enough so that someone can either hand out or can be picked up by a participant.  A tri-fold brochure has a nice professional look and is easily handled.  A decent home color printer normally can handle the workload.  Outside printing businesses are normally very costly.  Keeping it “in house” also allows for any changes and or reprints immediately.


Along with the creation of a Tournament Brochure, an option for those attempting to raise money for a cause is to create Sponsorship package(s).  Various levels of packages allow potential corporate, local business owners, private individuals and family members to donate money for a specific purpose.  When creating various package levels, no money is too little and there’s no harm in making a high level premium sponsorship option.  The Brochure printing costs remain the same.  The various levels should include the cost of the package and the benefit to the sponsor.  Benefit options could include:  Player entry(s), Corporate Name on items, Tournament Day recognition, Website recognition, Appreciation Plaque.



The Registration portion of your Brochure should have slots available for 4 individuals (a normal golf grouping) to sign up.  The information gathered for each player should include:

1.               Name

2.              Mailing Address

3.               Home telephone number

4.               Alternate telephone number

5.              Email Address

Additional information could include golf handicap.  It’s extremely important to get each piece of information.  The Mailing Address is used to send after Tournament Thank You letters which we will talk about later. It will also be used for future tournaments to personally send Tournament invitations. Telephone numbers are important in the case of last minute communiqué such as current weather conditions.  The Email address could be used for ongoing mass announcements.  This again can be used to notify players of future events without incurring the cost of mailing literature on a regular basis.  However, be careful not to assume that everyone reads or responds to email messages regularly.  Experience has shown that a very small percentage of people actually read their mail. 


Entry fees for each participant should be collected up front.  More times than not, done any other way and someone will not show up that hasn’t paid.  Most Host sites will require full payment up front for the use of the golf course which makes all the more important to collect monies.  Acceptable forms of payment is up to the President of the Club and or the Club Administrator, however normal payment methods would include cash, check or money order.  Again, make sure for each registered player listed on the registration form, that there is a corresponding entry fee included.  You should also discuss an entry deadline, probably a week before the Official Tournament Date.  This would allow anyone that has mailed theirs to be received.  Host sites also normally require 72 hour “final count” numbers of those participating.  Your sixth success point has been reached when you’ve finalized your Official Tournament Brochure.


One area we briefly touched on on previously was the Sponsorship package.  This is the money you are trying to generate for the Club.  The Sponsorship packages need to be developed in concurrence with the Tournament Brochure.  The packages should be printed on the Official Tournament Brochure to provide additional options for individual players to contribute money in any amount, and it should be done produced in a document format so that it can be solicited to potential sponsors in a more professional manner.   The document format can be emailed as an attachment to more personal friends, and can also be mailed to larger corporations.  Don’t forget to include in your initial budget items such as envelops and postage.  Once you have a completed Sponsorship package in various formats, you have completed your seventh success point.


Now that you have your completed sponsorship package in multiple formats, what do you do with it?  The Tournament Committee should come together and create a potential listing of individual and corporate sponsors that they would like to solicit.  The list could and should include and wide spectrum of sponsors, from your Fortune 500 corporations all the way down to friends and relatives.  But, it is not only the Tournament Committee that should be raising money.  Use your current roster of soccer families.  Now, you’ve increased exponentially the possibilities.  Not only the companies that they work for, but their friends, co-workers, and relatives as well.  The more people hitting the street, the better.  Create a master list that you can use and revise from year to year.