Robert Monaco

Set Designer



20 Christopher street

Carteret, New Jersey 07008

(732) 925 5976

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                                                                       Hello Again                directed by Kevin Connell

Baby with the bathwater            directed by Kevin Connell

The Maestro's Garden                      directed by Nathan Halvorson

Some Sweet Day                         Directed by Mary Alice Ellison

The Orestiea                               Directed by Stephen Speights

HRT                             Directed by Lynne Taylor-Corbet              

A Midsummer Nights Dream                          Directed by Adrianne Thompson

Homogenius                           Manhattan Theater source

African Nights                      Directed by Jeffrey Corrick

Festival of New Works                            NYU Dramatic Writing Department

Kiss and Cry                               Directed by Kevin Newbury      

 Midsummer Nights Dream                        Directed by Adrianne Thompson

Bathsheba Doran's War Play                      Directed by Hansol Yoon

Ten minute Play Festival                            NYU dramatic Writing department

 The Seagull                               Directed by Ken Washington

Misalliance                            Directed by Rosemary Haye

Julius Caesar                             Directed by Richard Johnson

The Childrens Hour                      Directed by Stephen lanz-Geffroh

...Forum                             Directed by Stephen lanz-Geffroh

A View from the Bridge                                         Directed by David Miller

Hamlet                                            Directed by Richard Johnson

The Glass Menagerie                             Directed by stephen lanz-Geffroh

Dames at Sea                                             Directed by David Miller

Lost in Yonkers                                         Directed by stephen lanz-Geffroh

Measure for Measure             Directed by Richard Johnson

Falsettos                                    Directed by Harriette Novick

Censored on Final Approach                                                   Directed by Harriette Novick

The Tempest                                                     Directed by Joe Hart


                                   Directed by Hal Scott

God’s Country                                                    Directed by Christy Larson

Strange Snow                                                       Directed by Jerry Diericks

Joined at the Hip

                                                Directed by Christy Larson

How the Other Half Loves                                    

     Directed by Paul Thomas

Key for Two                                              Directed by Paul Thomas 

The Odd Couple                                                    Directed by Paul Thomas