Course Information

This course has been designed to introduce students to the tools, equipment
and technologies used in woodworking and construction. Students in this course will complete a series of projects which are structured in order to introduce students to most of the tools in this workshop. Each project will build upon the skills learned in the previous project while introducing new skills as well.

In addition to building projects, there will be reading, lectures, assignments,
writing, and tests which will help increase student knowledge and abilities.
Students will be asked to think and reflect on group activities and problem solving strategies. Students will be asked to evaluate their own work quality and learn to examine their own projects with a critical eye.

Students will be taught to see the R.J.J.H. woodshop as a valuable community resource belonging to themselves as well as the community of Kingsburg. It is a privilege to have such a quality shop and program in a junior high school, and we want to keep it available for many years to come. Students will be taught to respect and care for the shop. They will participate in cleaning and helping to keep the shop in top working condition. 

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