◾️ Who is organizing this Conference?
The organizer is Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC), an organization whose mission is to serve the Lord reaching Japanese with the Gospel, as well as a network of individuals, groups and churches who have been engaged in evangelizing Japanese primarily in North America.

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August 20th - October 16th 
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Contact   rebecca.masters@st-matthew.org

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8:30AM to 5:30PM on October 20th(Sat)

Oak Pointe Church
50200 W 10 Mile Rd, Novi 

◾️ How is this Conference unique?
Pastor Hiroaki Yonai is our keynote speaker, who is currently the senior pastor of Kokubunji Baptist Church in Tokyo.  He is the chairman of Japan Baptist Church Association (Converge Worldwide Japan). He also has been involved in several multi denominational ministries including the chairmanship of JCFN for many years, and last year he was elected as the vice chairman of Japan Evangelical Association. After his first pastoral work in Japan, he came to the United States to learn camp ministry etc. During his stay, he became aware of American local churches' and Christians' outreach to Japanese people. This experience made him realize the situation of Christian returnees back to Japan from abroad. He has a great deal of gratitude and respect for those who have worked for Japanese outreach outside of Japan.

The 2 main messages will feature Pastor Yonai at the main site in Seattle, Washington. These messages will be broadcast via live stream to several sites across the U.S. and Japan. For our Michigan Seminar Sessions, we are thankful to have 2 special guests from churches in Japan and we also will hear from a local brother in Christ,Luke Kanno. Pastor Imori and Pastor Irie will travel from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan to share with us what God is doing there. Most of the Japanese that participate in our ministries here in our areas will return to Aichi Prefecture when they are finished with their assignments here. Mr. Kanno, who moved from Los Angeles to Michigan for his work, will inspire us with his testimony how God has worked in his life.
◾️ Contacts
Registration & Administration
Rebecca Masters
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
2040 S. Commerce Road
Phone:248-624-7676 ext. 119

Jill Metz
Oak Pointe Church
50200 W 10 Mile Road
Novi, MI 48374

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◾️ How to register
  • All attendees 13 years and older must register.
  • Fees are:
    • August 20th - October 16th
      Full Day (includes lunch)
      - $25 per person
    • October 17th—October 20th
      Walk in (NO Lunch)
      - $25 per person
    • 1/2 Day (12:00pm to 5:30pm with NO Lunch) - $20 per person