Thank you for looking up this webpage! The main idea behind this site is to let you know a little more about myself, my work and Malta, the country where I live. A separate page is dedicated to each of my major activities, past and present. You can leave any comments or messages at my e-mail address, shown at the bottom of every page (since I keep a tight schedule, I cannot promise to answer everyone, but I'll try). I hope you get as much pleasure looking through this site as I have had in producing and designing it.

Since the beginning of 2017 my work has centred more on book illustrations having retired from the publication of monthly magazine features.  This allows me greater flexibility in managing my work time as I clock 71 birthdays. It is my genuine wish to continue in this activity for as long as possible, always thanks to the support of publishers and you, the general public who follows my work. Thank you once again.

Richard J. Caruana