Conciertos Pange Lingua More Hispano

Post date: May 26, 2014 9:20:01 PM

This year, I have a special project of playing concerts with a program of Spanish organ music composed on Hymn of Pange Lingua in Morehispano.

This project is very well suited this year as it 750 years of the commemoration of Corpus Christi.

The first one is on 24th of May at the Cathedral of Murica; the second one is on 17th of June at the Cathedral of Alcala de Henare; and the last one is on 27th of June at the Basilica Pontificial of San Miguel in Madrid.

I hope anyone around would like to come to the concert and enjoy the 400 years of organ music composed on one important chant, Pange Lingua in Spanish church liturgy.

Here I link a short but charming organ piece of Pange Lingua in morehispano by Aguilera de Heredia

Pange Lingua by Aguilera de Heredia