Los colores de la cuaresma: de la Saeta a la Sinfonia

posted Feb 17, 2016, 12:16 PM by riyehee hong

March 6, Sunday of Laetare, at 9pm after the mass of 8pm, Riyehee Hong will give an organ concert as a part of the Festival de Arte Sacro de la Comunidad Madrid at Real Basilica San Francisco el Grande, Madrid.  For the program and more information, please visit,   

Concierto en Rueda, Valladolid

posted Aug 5, 2015, 12:37 AM by riyehee hong   [ updated Aug 5, 2015, 12:55 AM ]

Riyehee will give an organ concert in Rueda, where one of the best wine of Spain can be tasted.  The concert is on this Sunday, 9th of October at 9pm.  The program will be music by Correa de Arauxo, P. Bruna, G. Frescobaldi, J. Laranaga, J. Stanley, N. Clerambault, J. Cabanilles, etc.  More information about the organ will be found later in my Blog

Information for the concert:

Concierto en Santa Maria Magdalena, Matapozuelos

posted Jul 9, 2015, 12:08 AM by riyehee hong

This Sunday at 8pm, Riyehee Hong will give an organ recital at the church of Santa Maria Magdalena in Matapozuelos (Valladolid), Spain.    The organ was built in 1797 by Antonio Ruiz Martinez. For more detailed infomation, you can visit;

Concierto en el auditorio nacional de la musica, Madrid

posted Jun 22, 2015, 10:37 AM by riyehee hong   [ updated Jun 22, 2015, 10:39 AM ]

This friday, 26 of June at 7.30pm Riyehee Hong will give an organ concert at Chamber Hall of National Auditorium of Music in Maidrd.  The organ is by Blancafort, 2II/P.  The program will be organ music that were written over Pange Lingua, more hispano from 16th century till 20th century in Iberian Pennisula.  Even though the organ is not designed to be played any of the pieces, and also is not in a perfect condition, it is worth to listen 500 years of the body of the organ music written in one theme.  

More information, you can visit  

Concert at Basílica San Francisco de Grande in Madrid

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Riyehee Hong will give a concert this Saturday, 28th of March at 9 pm at Basilica San Francisco de Grande in Madrid.  The organ was built in 1884 by Cavallie-Coll and it's almost origninal condition.  Grenzing organ builder was restored in 2008.  The program will be consisted with music of C M Widor, A. Guilmant, H. Eslava and C. Franck.    For more information, visit;

Concert in Calatayud, Spain for its 25th Anniversary of Comunity

posted Jan 17, 2015, 9:41 AM by riyehee hong   [ updated Jan 17, 2015, 9:44 AM ]

The program was all Bach as to commemorate the composer´s anniversary of 330 years as well as to celebrate the Comunity anniversary.  For more information, please visit website below.

Conciertos Pange Lingua More Hispano

posted May 26, 2014, 2:20 PM by riyehee hong   [ updated Jun 19, 2014, 2:33 PM ]

This year, I have a special project of playing concerts with a program of Spanish organ music composed on Hymn of Pange Lingua in Morehispano.  
This project is very well suited this year as it 750 years of the commemoration of Corpus Christi.
The first one is on 24th of May at the Cathedral of Murica; the second one is on 17th of June at the Cathedral of Alcala de Henare; and the last one is on 27th of June at the Basilica Pontificial of San Miguel in Madrid.  
I hope anyone around would like to come to the concert and enjoy the 400 years of organ music composed on one important chant, Pange Lingua in Spanish church liturgy.  

Here I link a short but charming organ piece of Pange Lingua in morehispano by Aguilera de Heredia

New CD Release: York Springs Recital, Taylor & Boody organ op. 12

posted Feb 10, 2013, 10:03 AM by riyehee hong   [ updated Feb 18, 2013, 2:45 PM ]

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

I would like to introduce my first CD, recorded at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, York Springs, Pennsylvania on
Taylor and Boody's small and exquisite op. 12 organ.  I believe that you would enjoy listening to this beautiful organ in the following program:

1.   Fugue in G minor                           Johann Adam Reincken
2.   Paduana Lachrymae                                   Melchior Schildt
3.   Praeludium in E minor                                Nicolaus Bruhns
4.   Mein junges Leben hat ein End    Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
5.   Tiento de 1º tono de mano derecha                   Pablo Bruna
6.   Trio in G                                    Gottfried August Homilius
7.   Voluntary in A minor, op.6, no. 2                     John Stanley

8.   Partita in A major, HWV 454            George Frideric Handel

    a.   Allemande

    b.   Courante

    c.   Sarabande

    d.   Gigue

9.   Prelude & Fugue in A minor, BWV543  Johann Sebastian Bach

    a.   Prelude

    b.   Fugue

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