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Do you need help finding new parts for an older Corley, Frick, Corinth, Medows or other brand circle mill? e-mail us  and we will see if they are available .  Also  we  can help  with  many other  sawmill  related  items. Build your own conveyor and let us help you by supplying the parts.

  • Saws (Circle And Wide Band)
  • Logging And Sawmill Supplies
  • Saw Teeth (Saw Bits) And Shanks
  • Chipper Knives and Counter Knives 
  • Banding  Material  And Tools
  • Circle Saw Grinders and Wheels (Then Click On Logging  And Sawmill Supplies)
  • Saw Guide  Material
  • Saw Blades For Portable Band mills
  • Components To Build Your Own Portable Band Mill 
  • Bearings, Sheaves, Sprockets, V-Belts, Keystock And Set Collars 
  • Electric Motors,  CBS-NEMA Electric Motor Frame Chart
  • Gearboxes/Speed Reducers,  Shaft Mount Speed Reducers
  • Conveyor Components, Conveyor Belting 
  • Radial Stackers, Conveyor And Radial Stacker Pictures