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This booklet contains information with regard to selecting the correct saw, diagnosing and correcting problems with a circle head rig sawmill. It contains lots good information that could save you lots of grief. We shall hope so. Other helpful information on this subject may be found by clicking this link also try CBS-The Saw Guide.

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Instructions for checking the sawmill

it is not at all uncommon for a man to buy a new saw or have his present saw hammered and to find that the saw will not run right. There are many cases the new saw will not cut a straight line at but will

    A-lead into the  log

    B-lead out of the log

    C-run hot on the rim

    D-run hot in the body


    F-dodge knots or lead with  the grain

 or do any number of things a new saw is not supposed to do.  It is our purpose to  lay out a simple procedure  for checking a mill to isolate the causes of these troubles  and to tell how to remedy them.


The reason  and old saw will cut  while a new one may not is that the old saw has over a period of time  conditioned itself to one ore more defects in the mill. As these mill conditions have become progressively worse, the saw has taken on a permanent dish or tension adjustment to compensate for these conditions. After properly adjusting the mill, the new saw, in most cases will cut perfectly, while the old one will need hammering.

IMPORTANT-   Until mill has been checked,  you must assume the new  saw is correctly manufactured in all respects.  If you  do this you will be right most of the time. it certainly is reasonable to assume that a new saw is more likely to be correct than a saw that has been used for months or even years.

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