Non-for-Profit Corporation

River Valley Music Corporation

The River Valley Wind Ensemble is managed and operated by the River Valley Music Corporation, an Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation. The Corporation was formed on Thursday, August 18, 2005. Our Articles of Incorporation were accepted by the Illinois Secretary of State on December 20, 2005. Our initial incorporators were our steering committee members: David Conrad, Amanda McCabe, Rod Williams, and Sue Williams.

Harold Huber, Director Emeritus of the Kankakee Municipal Band, has agreed to serve on the Board of Directors for the River Valley Wind Ensemble. If you have additional recommendations, please contact the manager.

The corporation has filed for an Illinois sales tax exemption, registering

Our fiscal year is July 1 through June 30 with the Illinois Attorney General as a charitable organization, and applying for IRS 501-c(3) tax status.

Legal Counsel: Steven Tongren, Attorney at Law
Accountants: Burke, Montague, and Associates