Riverton Productions

Scott Lasky directing with Patrick mixing

Riverton Productions is...

                                                   Riverton Productions is an audio post production recording studio specializing in recording, editing, sweetening, mixing and mastering your project to broadcast standards. 
Evaluating your project; determining when and where Riverton Productions will be able work with you, your editor and director to smoothly transition to the audio finishing stage.
Patrick has worked in many areas of media, from Television and Radio promos, Theatrical Features, Film Trailers, Animation, Industrials, Documentaries and the Internet.  From recording the narrator to picture, editing the dialogue, adding sound effects, ADR-automatic dialogue replacement, music editing, mixing and mastering for broadcast.  "I take pride in working closely with you from the beginning of your project through to the broadcast master".

Why Use Riverton Productions?

Communication.  Discussing your projects needs and deadlines.  Knowing how marketing and research work.  Following trends.  Meeting the needs of each and every client on an individual basis.  Being diversified.  Preparation.  Knowing what the next step is so finishing is smooth and easy...and you save time and money.

Our Experience Shows!

Riverton Productions has been involved with audio production on marketing and advertising campaigns of some of the highest grossing movies in history.  Movies made by Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Buena Vista Distribution and many independent film distributors and film companies.  Whether it is as simple as making copies of the audio tracks for the feature trailer departments or mixing the T.V. and radio spots for the entire campaign. 
Working on promos with ABC, NBC and others.  Hiring voice over talent to producing the spots and delivering them to the networks.

Every project has special needs, determining those needs and giving each project special attention is our specialty.  Watching your job "On the Air" is always a great reward!
Please call Patrick at 818-505-0181