Have you joint the River Striker movement yet?

If you are looking for homepage of the game 'River Striker', you've come to the right place. 

Attention River Raid lovers! Here is a really cool new game for the IPhone and ipod touch based on River Raid with cool features such as facebook and twitter integration to bring this classic into the new millennium. 

At the same time my River Striker game works like a time machine to bring to you a lot of forgotten pleasure. It's contains 50 colourful levels, new enemies, amazing retro graphics and most importantly brings back those childhood memories.

For those not  familiar with River Raid - you are in for a treat. This game is simple, fun and seriously addictive.  River Striker is a scrolling shooter game. The player controls an airplane in a top-down view over a river and gets points for shooting down enemy planes, helicopters and ships. By flying over fuel-stations, the plane's tank can be refilled. The player can shift side to side and change the speed of the plane.
The Lite version of this game also available to try so download the free version and have fun! 

Please watch the YouTube video and check out my website. Hope you enjoy it and please review this game. 

YouTube Video of River Striker


River Striker is a 2D game developed using the cocos2d.