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The family tree of the Riverside Wongs.  Sort by Family Order to see ancestral order.
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NameRelationSpouseFamily Order
NameRelationSpouseFamily Order
Wong Yow Sai Father of Sam Wong Lee Gin Shee 100 
Sam Wong (d.1935) Patriarch of the Riverside Wongs See Yung Lee (d.1979) 101 
Poy Wong (d.1984) Eldest Son, Sam and See Yung Soo Hing Lee (d.2004) 102 
Mildred Cheung Daughter, Poy and Soo Hing Jack Cheung 102.1 
Baxter Cheung Son, Jack and Mildred  102.2 
Nina  Daughter, Jack and Mildred  102.3 
Voy Wong (d.1975) Second Son, Sam & See Yung Fay Hing Lee (d. 2000) 103 
Ellen Wong (d.2011) Eldest child, Voy & Fay Ken Horn 104 
Dylan Horn Son, Ellen and Ken  104.1 
Michael Horn 2nd Son, Ellen and Ken Julianna Cho 104.2 
Zachary Horn 3rd Son, Ellen and Ken  104.3 
Don Wong Eldest Son, Voy and Fay Brenda Ow 105 
Oliver Wong First son, Don and Brenda   105.1 
Alistair Wong Second Son, Don and Brenda  105.2 
Winslow Wong Third Son, Don and Brenda  105.3 
Janlee Wong Second Son, Voy and Fay Mariko Yamada 108 
Meilee Wong Eldest child of Janlee and Mariko  108.1 
Midori Wong Second Daughter, Janlee & Mariko  108.2 
Linda Huang 2nd Daughter, Voy & Fay Carey Huang 109 
Keilin Huang Eldest child, Linda & Carey  109.1 
Mark Huang Son, Carey and Linda  109.2 
Julie Duncan 3rd Daughter, Voy & Fay David Duncan 110 
Emily Duncan Eldest Child, Julie and David  110.1 
Eric Duncan Son, Julie and David  110.2 
Showing 24 items
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