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ORV Park

The ORV park remains open, however Inland Rd/Old Trails Rd is under construction. Visitors can access the park from the north at the Seven Mile Road/Inland Road intersection. Old Trails Rd is closed. More Information

The ORV area at Riverside State Park is 600 acres of fun!

Set aside in the 1980's for Off-Road Vehicles, the area has proven to be very popular for motorcycles, ATV's, and four-wheelers. The terrain provides hill climbs, sand areas, and trails through wooded areas.

Restrooms, parking, two picnic shelters, a loading/unloading ramp, a training area, and more are at the site. Camping is available nearby at the Bowl and Pitcher area of Riverside State Park. ORV's (or, OHV's as they are known in other places) must be trailered to get to the ORV area, unless they are street-legal.
The ORV area is patrolled by park rangers. Rules and regulations are enforced.

ORV Operating Requirements:

ORV permit tabs are required for operating any non-street-legal vehicle in the ORV area. Current out-of-state tabs are acceptable.

A US Forest Service approved spark arrestor is required, and must be in working condition, with no modifications

.ORV's are required to have an operating muffler device which is adequate and does not exceed noise standards.

ORV users are required to stay within the posted boundaries. Please respect private property.

ORV's are not allowed on Inland Road. Only street-legal vehicles are permitted on public highways.

New restrictions! To prevent water quality damage, riding is NOT allowed in or across Deep Creek when it has water flowing (usually March to June). Signs will be placed to help remind riders. See the map on this page for more info.

Safety Tips:

  • Wear your helmet and other protective gear
  • Be sure your ORV is in good operating condition
  • Stay within your abilities and limitations
  • Be aware of and considerate of other ORV users
  • Use spotters when jumping hills for your safety and the safety of others.