REI's #OpOutside 2016

The foundation has 2 people leading bike rides on Black Friday.

TIME: 10 AM 
LOCATION:  Seven Mile Airstrip Trailhead 
DISTANCE:  Plan for a one hour ride

Helmets and water required. Flat repair kit recommended.

Join Riverside State Park Foundation to help keep YOUR PARK a wonderful place. 

Please consider how YOU can contribute to this Spokane treasure to help bridge the gap created by deep cuts in the state budget. Let's keep Riverside State Park a happy and healthy place for years to come! 

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Riverside State Park stretches over 10,000 acres and is Washington's largest with two rivers, multiple campgrounds, Equestrian and ORV Areas, Cultural/Historical sites, boating and paddling access, miles of mixed-use trails, and wonders of nature at every turn. Come explore this outdoor recreation paradise located right in Spokane's backyard. 

What part will YOU play in the legacy of Riverside?

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