Please bare with me, I am having site issues. For some reason when I add a picture the last few up loads change to the latest pic, I have someone working on it.

October 8,2013
Fishing is good right now for these dandy sized steelhead. The king fishing is about done. The steelhead are some of the best eating fish too.

October 5,2013

October 5,2013

Had a great day today, fished the Big Manistee River today, quit early.getting both Kings and Steelies. Fishing is good.

From today also.Sept 16,2013

Fishing was good today out on the Lake,best group of guys the last few days. Lots of kings coming in to the river.

Sept 15,2013 (below) lake trip half day

The fish are starting to stock up out front and especially near Lake Manistee, fishing has still been good. This year there is not as many fish but they are way larger this year. I have taken in about 25 plus fish right around 30 lbs. soon I will be switching gears and ready to chase the fish up the river. It is suppose to be nice thru the weekend so that may hold them in the lake a little longer

I haven't been up loading pics here very much, it is way easier to post them directly to face book. So if you want to go there and see what's going on search for Riverside charters and Taxidermy,and please like the page!

July 27,2013
After a late start to the tournament we finally got to leave at 9 am. We had a good day fishing but the kings were on the small side. We were lucky enough to boat our 10 fish, only one other boat did besides us. So currently we are in 2nd place in the Pro Division, and the other boats are not even close. The most I heard of being caught and weighed in was six fish. So hopefully we will have a good day today and come home with the first place title.

July 26,2013
Fishing has still been good, and the fish we are catching have been extra large for this time of the year. Lots of nice salmon over 20lbs plus. I am already starting to book River salmon trips so if you are interested in trying one of those let me know.rates start at $350 for an all day trip for 1-2 persons. The pictures above are from the last few trips.

Fishing is on fire, limited out twice today.
Happy clients.

Just had a date open up, it's July 15 th in the am if anyone is interested. 


This is from today's trip 7-7-13. It was a half day am trip, in early.

July 3, 2013
Fishing was on fire this morning. In fact I was going for breakfast by 10 am. Hopefully these fish will stick around or the weather sticks around.

The above pic is from today's catch 7-1-13
Half day trip!

First place winners team Riverside.


Here are some pics from the last few trips.

1 st place winners in the Budweiser pro division.

I am looking for someone or group to fish a tournament the last Saturday and Sunday of May. You would pay for a charter and then we would fish the tournament and split the cost of the entry fee, side bet, etc..... And if any money is won it would be split. Call me for more info.

Here is a few pictures from a few days ago.

First Brown trip of the year, was all done and back at the dock around noon. 

First lake trip of the year, fished a few hours caught five and lost five. 

Here are some pics of the last few days. Fishing is still good. The next day I have open is April 5, and then not again till April 7-12. I am looking  forward to getting the big boat in the water soon.

March 24,2014
Another FUN day on the River!

March 22,2013
Great day on the river!

These two pics below are from March 18 th.

March 16,2013

Another good day on the river. Here are a few pics, check out this deformed one.(see above)

Now taking bookings for Spring Brown trout on Lake Mich. I will be getting my lake boat ready in early April. I am currently booked for the rest of this month, and still have a few river trips schuduled into April. But I am ready to change over to the big pond.

Here's some pics from today. Back at it again tomorrow.

Having another good day on the River. The weather is perfect, and looks to be nice all week. 

March 7,2013
Thanks Nate and Ryan for the awesome day fishing with me. Glad the clients had fun.

March 7,2013

Another great day in the river with some good friends and some of their clients.

March 6,2013
Another great day on the River.

Only got a couple dates open for the rest of the month. In case anyone is thinking about going fishing, here are the open dates.
March 18, 27,29-31.
The price for an all day trip is $350 for two people.

March 3,2103
Fishing was great today with a great group of guys, will be back at it for the next week straight. If you are thinking about hooking into a few of these dandy steelhead give me a call. It doesn't get much better than this. 231-723-4901

March 2,2013
Fishing is on fire still. It's awesome.  Here is a few pics from today!

This is today's catch. Had a great time and caught some nice fish. Fishing has been awesome the last few weeks.

March 1,2013

Feb 28,2013
Another good day on the river, landed 8 and lost at least that many. Here are a few pics.

Feb 24
Fishing was awesome again today. The weather is suppose to be in the mid 30's for the rest of the week, so if your interested in a trip give me a call. 

Feb 21, 2013
Fishing is on fire in the Big Manistee River. Had a great day today, here are the pics. Landed lots of fish and had a ton of fun. thanks Jim.Look at the size of those Steelhead. It doesnt get much better than this. If you are interested in booking a trip on the Big Manistee give me a call.

Feb 19, 2013
Ok, who is intersted in fishing a two day tourn. in June. Actually June 22 and 23rd. You will need to fish both days with me. I get paid for two full day charters. yunwill need to have a crew of 3-4 persons. We split entry fees and profit. Give me a call or shoot me an email with futher questions or details.
It is out of Manistee and its a great time.
Feb 18,2013

Did some fun fishing today, hooked a ton of fish and had a blast with some awesome friends, Larry and Bob. The weather was perfect.

Fishing has been good the last several trips. Hooking 10-15 fish per trip, not landing all of them but boating about half. Fishing looks really good in the next few weeks. The water is a little dirty but just right for fishing. Been using mostly spawn. As you can see the fish are really nice sized. 

Feb 13,2013
Paul: Thanks for such a wonderful time on your great boat.  Your attention to details goes well beyond what I have experienced in the past with other guides.  As Arnold would say, I'll BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 9,2103

Fishing has been great the last few days. Here are a few pics.

February 6,2013
Fishing was awesome yesterday, landed quite a few nice fish. Back at it again on Friday. Maybe the nasty weather will keep,some of the anglers off the river.

January 15, 2013
Fishing was good yesterday. Had the pleasure of taking my cousin out from the Clare area. Glad we did good here is a pic of  one of the guys.
January 13, 2013
Here is a few pics from today. had a great time. Fishing was great today.Now hitting it hard in the shop for the next few days. I have days open for fishing if you are interested.
January 6, 2013
Happy New Year to all. Been sort of burned out of fishing, been working on lots of taxidermy.  Went fishing today and did pretty good. There is not much boat traffic today. I think everyone must be ice fishing. Which is good for me. Had a great group of guys today. Here is a couple of pictures
December 14, 2012
Fishing has been a little slow the last few days, Been a lot of boats on the River. But here is a few pic of the last few days
If you don't know what to get that special someone for Christmas that is hard to buy for a GIFT CERTIFICATE  for a charter is perfect. I can create a certificate for you to say what ever you want and include a brochure and a business card and you can gift wrap it. Then they can choose the date. If you would like more info please give me a call at (231)723-4901. We fish in the river till April so they have plenty of time to pick a date. I am currently booked up today thru December 15th. I have some openings over the Christmas holiday too.
 November 29, 2012
River fishing is where its at now. And fishing has been good. Been getting 5-9 a trip. some nice sized Steelhead. Yes the water is still low but the fish are really starting to move in.
August 4, 2012
Fishing is still awesome, Been getting the limit twice a day. Hot rigs are KRW Red Holo Teasers and Riverside Teasers, pulled with a Black DW Paddle.
If you are a fisherman and don't have some of these rigs you should get some. Been my best combo this Summer.
We are completely booked up till after Labor Day, and only a few dates open in Sept. I am currently taking bookings for next year. If you want a certain date NOW is the time to schudule it.
These are photos from the last few trips. All are half day trips. It doesnt matter if its the morning or the afternoon. Its all great fishing right now.
This is my first King over 25 pounds  this year.
Ok, just want to clarify how this works. If you are worried about the weather.... don't be. Do you really believe what the weather forecasters say? Well they are NOT usually right here. I usually wake up and make my own predictions each morning. The fish do not know if it is raining, so don't tell them and they won't know. So, yes, if its raining you will be going fishing. If its choppy you will be going fishing.If there is lighting and it is unsafe conditions and the Capt. makes the call you will not be going fishing and you will receive your deposit back. If you make the call, cause its to hot, or raining or to wavey you will lose your deposit. We will NOT take you out on the water in un safe conditions. Do not ask how big the waves will be 2 months from now or how many fish we will catch or what the temp. will be. If I knew these answers do you really think I would still be a charter captain??? Heck no,  I would have played the lotto. So Happy Fishing.
Well this is the new ride, all bugs seemed to be worked out. Last week I took the boat and went down to Grand Haven and did a few charters and fished a few tournaments. Now I think I need a vacation from my vacation. The boat ran smooth. Just got a few small things to do to it yet. Like some additional rod holders (26) of them to be exact. I am just waiting for them to be delivered. Tomorrow I take out Michigan Out of Doors in the afternoon. So I hope the fish are biting. As for charter bookings we are completely FULL for the month of August and very few dates left in June and July. So if you are thinking about fishing you might want to make your plans now.
DW paddles with the Riverside fly was my best. Fishing 170-220 foot of water. Most of the bites at 100 ft down. 250-300 copper with spoons also good.
These are my trips from the last two days. Both were AM fishing.
Keep in mind for those of you that are looking for a place to stay we got cha covered. We have a 3 bedroom, 6 bed house 1 1/2 baths located on the Manistee River channel on the board walk. with gas grill on the deck over looking the channel and the boats. Centrally located within walking distance of down town and the resturants and bars. There is a shuttle service to and from the casio also which is located only about 5 miles north of here. Everything is provided.... sheets/towels, dishes. you can rent this 1,100 sq. unit for a low rate per person. It has been recently updated with fresh paint, new tv, roof bedding, carpet, gas grill, microwave, fridge, etc. You can rent it by the day or the week. And if your looking for a charter we can help with that too. It doesn't matter if its 1-10 guys we can find boats to get you out on the water to some fantasic fishing action. They are catching some really niced sized salmon right now. 15-18 lbs.
Heres a few pics from the Friday-Sunday trips.
Scott, Me and Rob, we were out just playing around. Only fished for a few hours, had four on at once, and then a double. And then picked away at em.
April 18, 2012
Limited out today, back at the dock by 10:30 am. non stop action. All Kings. Fish are coming deep, about 180-250 ft of water. hitting on flashers and flys and cut bait.
 Here is the pictures of our limit of King on a half day trip. What a day.
It was non-stop action!!
I had a party cancel out on the June Tournament out of Manistee. It is June 23-24. If your interested in fishing the tourn. with me give me a call.
 Pictures of the last trip.
Been fishing in Lake Michigan the last few trips. Just waiting for the storage place to get my big out and splash that in the water. Looks like everything is well over a month early this year. I even moved some of my river trips out to the Lake. After the rain and fast thaw the river was about shot. Here are some of the last few days pictures.
Fishing has been good the last few days.
John Cable
Tom Kerwin 1-25-12
January 25, 2012

January 15, 2012

fishing was great again today. Janury 7,2012
Today we got a double headder at the end of the day. A great way to end the day.