Just like the Riverline provides easy to access to Riverside, the Riverside Business provides you with access to hundreds of other businesses within the local area. This allows you to exchange ideas, learn best practices and socialize with other people facing the challenges of running a business.

The group offers numerous opportunities to network with your peers and potential customers and clients. One of the primary benefits of the RBA is not only the direct contacts you’ll make at meeting and events, but the indirect connections as well. Our members have countless stories about how members have put their customers, clients, friends and family in touch with other businesses within the group. The RBA is a great way to extend your overall business network.

The RBA also offers several seminars and workshops during the year to help with the every day tasks of running a business. Previous topics include:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Social networking
  • Insurance and Investing
  • Business Accounting and Finances