River's Edge Mission Statement

Mission Statement

River's Edge High School is committed to excellence in preparing all students for college/career transitions and developing productive, responsible citizens.

REHS Vision Statements


Students take responsibility for their attendance and learning.

Students treat themselves and others with respect and encouragement.

Students identify their strengths and weaknesses and advocate for their own success.

Students learn to set and evaluate short & long term goals.

Parents and Community

REHS creates partnerships with community, businesses, and parents to provide opportunities that support student learning.


REHS provides a safe, respectful, and nurturing learning environment that supports student learning.

REHS recognizes the value of lower student-teacher ratio necessary to allow for quality education.

REHS honors students where they are today.

REHS has high expectations for ALL students.

REHS addresses social/emotional barriers to learning with a focus on enhancing student strengths.

REHS maintains consistent policies of attendance and discipline.

REHS provides a variety of opportunities and is genuinely committed to student success.

REHS provides opportunities to enhance school pride.