Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices:

Personal electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, CD players, MP3 players, pagers, etc., pose a disruption to the educational process. Furthermore, these devices are targets of student theft and are seldom recovered. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any of these items while on campus or at school events. Students are expected to leave these items at home. Students using or displaying any electronic devices during school hours (7:55 am until 2:30 p.m.) or outside the designated areas before school or during lunch will have them confiscated and will be subject to discipline. Although it is recommended that students leave these devices at home, if parents would like students to have them at school, students may use them before school and during their lunch hour in the designated areas (cafeteria and the courtyard).

  1. The device will be held in the main office. A warning referral will be written and the student may pick up the device at the end of the school day.
  2. The device will be held in the main office for parent/guardian pick up. The student will receive written warning.
  3. Subsequent offense(s): The device will be held in the main office for parent pick up. Student will receive discipline subject to administrative discretion such as detention, Friday School, in school suspension, or out of school suspension.
  4. Failure to surrender the item will result in discipline as described in the RSD Policies 3200, addressing "insubordination." Sanctions begin with a 2 day suspension.

The exception to the Electronic Device Policy only includes time in the class when a teacher allows a student, with prior approval, to use a personal electronic device for academic purposes only.

Telephone Usage/Messages:

We recognize that emergency situations arise. There are phones available for student use in front of the attendance office. Also, if an emergency situation presents itself, office staff is available to deliver messages to students from parents.