The Life Journey

The Life Journey is a discipleship process to help you Discover, Trust and Love Jesus Christ.  Each book will lead you to grow closer to Christ and equip you to follow His ways.  Through this series of interactive lessons you can be ready for a lifetime of with Jesus.

Part 1 – Discover Christ

This book introduces you to Jesus: His life, Message, and Work.  You will learn about the master plan for defeating our enemy, The new life found through Jesus, how to choose to take a journey of discovery of your own.
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* Next Step Class: Water Baptism


Part 2 – Trust Christ

This book focuses on how to conquer your fears and come to trust Jesus in a personal friendship with Him.  You will learn how to break the power of your past, overcome spiritual barriers.

* Next Step Class: Spirit Baptism


Part 3 – Love Christ

This book takes you through the final phase of putting Jesus’ love into action.  You will learn about His master plan to change lives, His core values, and your place in bringing the “kingdom of God” here on earth as it is in heaven.

* Next Step Class: Finding Your Place