River Road Kennels
Busher Strain Original Mountain Curs
Linwood, North Carolina
Welcome to River Road Kennels

This site will show you some of our dogs and the results of some fun we have had with them.  As you can tell, I really love Cur dogs!  They have a lot of personality and determination.  It didn't take me long to find out that I had to be smarter than the dog to help them much with their training.  I am sure glad most of my dogs were self-starters.

I would like to dedicate this site to my father, John Cope.  He introduced me to the world of hunting. He also bought me my first squirrel dog.  It was a fox terrier.  Neither of us had any idea at the time that he would be a squirrel dog.  But, he was a great one! 

My father has passed many years now.  Still, every time I go to the woods, I think about him.  He would have loved to follow these Cur dogs.

Please Note! I get quite a few calls about pups. I almost never have any, in fact I don't raise any unless I have to have one for myself. I am to the point now there are enough dogs out there that are out of these dogs I can usually get a pup that is out of this stock so I don't have to raise them. So If you are calling here for just pups you really are wasting your time.

I don't mind talking dogs one bit at a decent time of day or night but I am not in the pup business.


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