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2/1/2017 -- Board Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 2, 2017, 2:28 PM by River Oaks Neighborhood Association   [ updated Mar 2, 2017, 2:28 PM ]
River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, February 2, 2017
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00pm-8:00pm

From RONA: VP Mike Bertram, Secretary Laura Carns
From County of Santa Clara, District 3 Office: Mike Donohoe
From City of San Jose, District 4 Office: Councilmember Lan Diep, staffers Ana & Chris,
From Santa Clara Water District: Dick Santos
and community members: 
Rick Collings, Vlad Raykin.

  1. River Oaks Park Maintenance issues.
    1. No response yet on maintenance cost breakdown. 
    2. Short-term plan to pull out all the plants on the margin and replace with chips. This is the interim step along the path for the long-term plan of replacing with drought-tolerant plans.
  2. Renovation Drive Update
    1. Two of the four buildings on campus are receiving "new skin" aka exterior makeovers to match the other two previously renovated exteriors. 
    2. The tenant has moved out and now demo can begin on the 4th building.
    3. Next month will start work on the parking structure.
    4. Site hours are M-F 7am-7pm. Any issues/concerns contact Devcon Construction 408-942-8200.
  3. Special Maintenance District 19 -- it pays for the ROP median. We've seen them renovating this landscaping. What's the long-term plan? Can we get an accounting of the spending vs tax revenues here?
  4. Agnews School Campus Construction -- any update? When can neighbors participate?
    1. We can ask Jim Canova of the school board.
  5. Rumors of more NSJ housing ahead of NSJ Vision 2030 plan's Phase II.
    1. (note that much of this is paraphrased from CM Diep's remarks at the meeting): 
      1. CM Diep is not aware of any proposals, and nothing matching the rumored "40 acres in Alviso". CM Diep stated he was not pushing for changes to the NSJ plan. He stated it's a complicated issue, the Bay Area needs more housing but not immediately in NSJ. If there was some sort of proposal that combined retail/services with housing, that might be of interest. But again, CM Diep is not aware of any proposals at this time. Alviso is below sea level, so there's no push for more housing there because of the flood risk. He is not a supporter of the option to put in housing instead of Top Golf, Alviso needs the jobs. CM Diep says he has nothing to sell or pitch. 
      2. Broadly (emphasis his) speaking, Bay Area needs more housing. As inventory goes up, the cost will go down. But San Jose and NSJ are not necessarily the place to put it. San Jose is a bedroom community, we need to focus on getting more jobs. San Jose is suing over the Santa Clara City Place project, which has a lot of retail but little housing. Santa Clara and Milpitas need to step up and build housing. 
      3. Flexible for starting Phase II early, but it needs to be for the right incentive, aka retail. If an opportunity is proposed, CM Diep will negotiate and involve the community. No plans on the table now.