Meeting minutes of the Officers of the Board of the River Oaks Neighborhood Association.

4/5/2017 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00pm-8:00pm

Minutes kindly provided by Rick Collings.

  1. Introduction Tom Cabel - Milpitas Odor Group
    1. expand life of landfill to 2042 estimated because group didn’t have any firm data
    2. approach now to get the people to voice concerns to elected officials
    3. they want to remain independent
    4. gave a list of things they are objecting to
    5. don’t care about the technology being discussed but they are caring about the odor
    6. want to put public pressure on site management to change their behavior if they can’t close them down
    7. Milpitas filed a lawsuit over the smell but were denied
    8. See their slides here.
  2. Women’s History Month update from Jean. 
    1. We had an explanation about the recognition. Jean received an appreciative round of applause from the attendees at the RONA meeting.
    2. Jean will email about the recognition info to the RONA list.
  3. Agnews - Re: Community Room
    1. We did not get much of an update. There is a lot of unsettled information about what will be built and when.
    2. Two schools to start and a third later?
    3. Probably going to be extended for finishing farther out than the previously thought of 2019 completion.
    4. Jean will email “Larry” for possible more information
  4. Charcot OverPass
    1. Discussion started and then some attendees became confused between school issues and the overpass. We tried to get the attendees back on track without a lot of success.
    2. We were able to get some information from our local reps.
    3. Plan from 2012 and will likely be implemented, timing unsure at this point.
    4. The overpass is part of the Master Plan that was already approved.
    5. Will keep an eye for more information
    6. Slides here.
  5. River Oaks Parkway Park
    1. working on the park area that borders the road
    2. Jean trying to find out where the rest of the money has gone
    3. not enough workers
    4. Asking for more information
  6. Introduction of our new city council member Lam Diep
    1. Introduction for our new council person Lam Diep to the neighborhood
    2. May 3rd at Elan
    3. Trying to get it organized
    4. Further information will be forthcoming.
Edited 4/22/17 to add Charcot slides.

3/1/2017 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00pm-8:00pm

From RONA: President Jean Marlowe, Secretary Laura Carns
From City of San Jose, District 4 Office: Councilmember Lan Diep, staffers Chris Rork,
From Santa Clara Water District: Dick Santos
and community members: 
Jim Canova.

  1. River Oaks Park Maintenance Issues
    Jean got a response from Rafael Gomez of the Parks Depth. He has collected some of the information but not all. Currently taking care of the flooding has higher priority. He can confirm that the Irvine funds are being used for River Oaks Park, and that the Irvine funds are not enough to fully pay for maintenance. The city is making up the difference. RONA will continue to ask for a full accounting of the details.

  2. Agnews School Campus Construction
    Larry Adams has said they will be asking the Board to award a contract to the architect at the February 9th meeting. It will take 1-2 months from there to get organized, so expect the community outreach to start up again in the April/May timeframe.

  3. RONA would like to set up a community meeting with Councilmember Lan Diep, and invite the entire neighborhood for Q&A session. The current plan is to have it scheduled as part of the May 3rd RONA meeting. Board needs to put together flyers. It was also suggested that we pre-solicit the questions, that way if research is required on CM Diep's side, he has time to do that.

  4. The Urban Land Institute brought some of the country's best urban-planners out to brainstorm ideas for improving North San Jose. You can read about it here.

  5. Jim Canova reporting back on the District 11 idea: The last time the city redistricted, it was Measure F in 1978. That was a city-wide ballot measure. We'd have to do something similar. As the council grows it gets unwieldy as a committee... one idea: pursue a redistricting rather than adding districts.

  6. FloodingRONA's Secretary Laura Carns wrote up a brief overview of the events of last week. 

  7. Flooding: The Board had a conversation with Rick Santos of the Santa Clara Valley Water District and Councilmember Lan Diep. The focus was kept to a positive discussion our neighborhood and how the situation played out in our area. (Editor's note: This conversation was very fast-flowig, here are some of the heavily paraphrased and out-of-order comments):
    1. From Mr. Santos: 
      1. This flood was the same as 1983, 1997: Andersen fills up and then we get more rain. 
      2. It's everything south of Trimble that's a problem. SCVWD has tried for years now but never got the federal matching funds to improve those sections. 
      3. RO levees have 3 feet of "freeboard" -- ie there should always be 3 feet of height before the river goes over the levee. Many points south of us will fail before that last 3 feet is used. If you see other standing water, it's not the creek; it's storm drains backing up ("ditchwater").
      4. SCVWD is evaluating everything they did, every communication, looking for improvements. 
    2. From CM Diep: 
      1. City is working on plans to have a much improved emergency alert system, but that's a long way off and will take funding. Reverse 911 is one of the options.
      2. City has lots of underfunded maintenance projects. Two of the top-priority ones are in NSJ:
        1. Alviso's Gold St pump -- funds approved, getting permits now, will construct in 2018
        2. Charcot/Zanker intersection improvements
    3. From Laura:
      1. For a medium-term alert solution, have you thought about using HOAs as the equivalent of a telephone tree? They're highly localized, have all the contact information they need, and have a stake in the game. (Both Santos and Diep liked that suggestion...)
      2. The NOAA and other agencies were issuing warnings for the whole Creek but it was hard to know how to interpret them. Better communication from SCVWD on the 3 feet of "freeboard" would have eased some concerns here. 
      3. ROP has relatively poor connectivity to the street grid, which could be very bad in an evacuation scenario. Does the city have a plan?
    4. From Mr. Canova: ROP has the best flood protection on the Coyote, and it's due to years of work from Mr. Santos and people like him. Thank you!

2/1/2017 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, February 2, 2017
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00pm-8:00pm

From RONA: VP Mike Bertram, Secretary Laura Carns
From County of Santa Clara, District 3 Office: Mike Donohoe
From City of San Jose, District 4 Office: Councilmember Lan Diep, staffers Ana & Chris,
From Santa Clara Water District: Dick Santos
and community members: 
Rick Collings, Vlad Raykin.

  1. River Oaks Park Maintenance issues.
    1. No response yet on maintenance cost breakdown. 
    2. Short-term plan to pull out all the plants on the margin and replace with chips. This is the interim step along the path for the long-term plan of replacing with drought-tolerant plans.
  2. Renovation Drive Update
    1. Two of the four buildings on campus are receiving "new skin" aka exterior makeovers to match the other two previously renovated exteriors. 
    2. The tenant has moved out and now demo can begin on the 4th building.
    3. Next month will start work on the parking structure.
    4. Site hours are M-F 7am-7pm. Any issues/concerns contact Devcon Construction 408-942-8200.
  3. Special Maintenance District 19 -- it pays for the ROP median. We've seen them renovating this landscaping. What's the long-term plan? Can we get an accounting of the spending vs tax revenues here?
  4. Agnews School Campus Construction -- any update? When can neighbors participate?
    1. We can ask Jim Canova of the school board.
  5. Rumors of more NSJ housing ahead of NSJ Vision 2030 plan's Phase II.
    1. (note that much of this is paraphrased from CM Diep's remarks at the meeting): 
      1. CM Diep is not aware of any proposals, and nothing matching the rumored "40 acres in Alviso". CM Diep stated he was not pushing for changes to the NSJ plan. He stated it's a complicated issue, the Bay Area needs more housing but not immediately in NSJ. If there was some sort of proposal that combined retail/services with housing, that might be of interest. But again, CM Diep is not aware of any proposals at this time. Alviso is below sea level, so there's no push for more housing there because of the flood risk. He is not a supporter of the option to put in housing instead of Top Golf, Alviso needs the jobs. CM Diep says he has nothing to sell or pitch. 
      2. Broadly (emphasis his) speaking, Bay Area needs more housing. As inventory goes up, the cost will go down. But San Jose and NSJ are not necessarily the place to put it. San Jose is a bedroom community, we need to focus on getting more jobs. San Jose is suing over the Santa Clara City Place project, which has a lot of retail but little housing. Santa Clara and Milpitas need to step up and build housing. 
      3. Flexible for starting Phase II early, but it needs to be for the right incentive, aka retail. If an opportunity is proposed, CM Diep will negotiate and involve the community. No plans on the table now.

12/7/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

From RONA: President Jean Marlowe, VP Mike Bertram, Secretary Laura Carns
From County of Santa Clara, District 3 Office: Mike Donohoe
Lan Diep, San Jose City Councilmember, District 4,
From Santa Clara Water District: Dick Santos
and community members: 3 other community members.

  1. Alviso is discussing whether to approve the TopGolf project. This would put retail and a new golf course in, replacing the original golf course near the library. 40 acres, currently zoned commercial/industrial. 7 retail buildings, hotel, restaurants, golf academy, and a golf course. 600 jobs, street, street light, sidewalk, and storm drain updates. Downtown plaza. Lots of recent newspaper coverage both here and here
    1. Dick Santos speaks to RONA in favor of the project, pointing out that the alternative on this site is more high-density housing. He points out keeping a golf course will keep the current open-space mostly open. Yes it will increase traffic, nightlife, and noise. But housing on all 40 acres would be worse change to the community.
    2. Dick Santos asks RONA to write a letter to support the project. A vote was taken, majority was in favor. Jean and Mike will work on the letter.
  2. River Oaks Park Maintenance issues.
    1. Jean spoke with Albert Rodriguez (Park Manager), he said he is having someone pull together the cost for this park from last few years. Once that is done we can discuss if the Irvine money is being used wisely.
    2. Also mentioned they have a plan to redo the River Oaks Parkway frontage. They hope to take out all the "clutter" and overgrown weeds, replace with barkscape and low-maintenance, shade-tolerant, low-water, flowering shrubs (lavender, etc). RONA will want to review this effort, make sure it ends up looking like some of the business park's landscaping and not like our poor medians. Irvine will likely be an ally in keeping up the standards of the park.
  3. James Canova (local School Board for SCUSD), spoke to RONA about the huge growth in this region, and the possibility of splitting out of City Council District 4 and becoming District 11. Just starting to research the process, it will likely take a few years to get anything done. Lan Diep pointed out that (a) we will probably need a critical mass of residents similar to the other districts, and (b) 11 districts + the mayor = the possibility for a 6-6 tie in the city council, which might cause some issues.
  4. Agnews update: schools are currently scheduled to open Fall 2019.
  5. Jean will be participating in the Architect Selection Group Interview panel to decide which architecture firm to hire for designing the Agnews Schools. There are still openings for the design process, if anyone is interested in participating, contact Jean.
  6. Jean and Mike met with Andrew Crabtree (Community Developer with City of Santa Clara, formerly with City of San Jose). Discussed the NSJ plan and Mayor Liccardo proposing to accelerate Phase II by the early release of 1500 residential units. 
    1. His analysis is that in isolation the 1500-unit project is a good deal since they are paying a premium for traffic, schools, parks, etc. But it sets a bad precedent of breaking the NSJ Plan. 
    2. Also we have to be careful that the development budgets don't continue to run under their targets -- "robbing Peter to save Paul." Currently we're under target for the traffic improvements budget because the city waived traffic fees during Phase I to try to accelerate growth. 
    3. He pointed us to some information to boost our arguments against the proposal.
  7. Repainting road lines on paved surfaces by Fountains/Verona: No news.
  8. After all the median changes for drought-tolerance, where is our District 19 Maintenance taxes going? What is the community getting for our money? Jean will look into getting a report.
  9. Dick Santos updated on the water district. 
    1. We are still in a drought. Keep conserving! The water district is looking into expanding the Alviso water-recycling plant. Currently we do ~10 million gallons a day, looking to add 80 million more gallons a day. Partnership with other local cities.
    2. Continuing efforts to address the homeless situation. He reminds us that NIMBY does not help the community overall. The water district is pursuing 3 ideas: (a) rental properties as transitional housing, (b) using surplus district land to add housing, (c) partnering with the Downtown Streets Team to match up jobs, housing, social, and medical assistance for the homeless. He is especially hopeful for the Downtown Streets Team since it involves "work-first" and discipline. For all of these, will monitor programs and effectiveness over the year and if successful will continue.
  10. The Newby Island landfill expansion is approved.
  11. Mention that the golf course south of 237 in Santa Clara at Lafayette is going to be built up into a "bigger and better Santana Row". It's called City Place.
  12. Lan Diep vs Manh Nguyen, and District 4 representation in 2017:  Nguyen is pushing for a trial this month, but the court is pushing back aiming for this summer. Either way Diep will be sworn in as our representative in January.
  13. No meeting in January. Enjoy the holidays!

11/2/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

From RONA: President Jean Marlowe, VP Mike Bertram, Secretary Laura Carns
Lan Diep, City Councilmember-Elect, San Jose City Council, District 4
and 1 other community members.

  1. Lan Diep's status: the election is officially over and decided in his favor, but a lawsuit is still pending from Manh Nguyen. Mr. Diep will take office in January, and has posted job openings for his staff positions. Mr. Diep asks if RONA has any ideas for service projects in the ROP area -- he's hoping to combine a swearing-in ceremony with Martin Luther King Day/Day of Service. If anyone has any ideas, contact Mr. Diep.
  2. District 4 offered RONA a $500 grant. We decided to decline, the bank account still holds about $1500 and we're not going through it very fast. Most of our expenses are the webpage. 
  3. Missing streetlight is now fixed.
  4. Crosswalk at Research & ROP is still dangerous, especially at night in the dark and with the increased foot traffic. We're hoping that the school will provide an opportunity to upgrade to add "push a button for flashing warning lights" feature.
  5. Agnews construction has started! They broke ground last Thursday.
  6. For Crescent Village, Irvine paid the remainder of their Park Fees into a special park-maintenance fund. The $622,000 was supposed to be spent over 10 years on River Oaks Park. Park Department does not seem to be using it, park is getting run down. Current Irvine local management wasn't aware that that fund existed. We are following up with Parks Department and Irvine on improving the park maintenance. We will also ask for a audit of the fund so we can find out where the money is going.
  7. Iris Chang Park -- aka Epic Park -- the Master Plan was approved yesterday. The sod will be replaced with the nice plan that the community has approved. Construction begins 2017, park should be open 2018. 

10/4/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, October 10, 2016
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

From RONA: President Jean Marlowe
From County of Santa Clara, District 3 Office: Mike Donohoe
From California State Senate, District 10 OfficeTim Orozco
Lan Diep, San Jose City Councilmember, District 4,
From San Jose City Council, District 4 OfficeFred Buzo 
From Santa Clara Water District: Dick Santos
and community members: Rick Collings, Vlad Raykin, Kari Trenten, Eamonn Kerley.

  1. The Affordable Housing County Bond Measure was discussed. We learned that there is a 950 million dollar bond, approved by tax payers, to be used for leveraging other state and federal funding. There is strong county oversight to make sure these funds go to actual units.
  2. There are possible changes to the Innovation Drive Flyer for Zanker and Research that indicated of the proposed parking garages will not be built.
  3. There is an update on the missing light pole at Research and ROP. The standard light poles only have one arm that this fixture (that was wiped out by an accident in mid February) has two arms. They will have to create a new light and it is hoped the installation will be no later than mid November.
  4. There is good news on the status of the Agnews School Campus. A flyer was circulated announcing the official Ground Breaking Ceremony on October 26, 2016. Instructions were provided for RSVPs.
  5. There was much discussion raised by the River Oaks Park maintenance.
    1. There is basically a new department and they need more resources.
    2. The city requires the parks to be turned over to them but don’t have funding and staff to maintain them. What to do/
    3. There was no reference about Irvine to maintain the park.
    4. We thought they were getting $81,000 per year for maintenance.
    5. Where is that money going?
    6. There was a question whether the workers are city employees or are they contracted out. We learned that contracts is only for small parks. The issues is that one way or other the parks need help for upkeep.
  6. Add Committee on Development Services
  7. Berryessa Creek Support Letter for the Santa Clara Water District.
  8. Flyer for Supervisor Dave Cortese and Santa Clara County Parks invitation to the October 9th Day on the Bay Fest.
  9. Invite from Senator Bob Wieckowski for the 4th Annual Latino Heritage Leadership Awards Ceremony on October 7th.
  10. Update on Status of the Iris Change Park.
    1. Park is anticipated to be completed in late summer or early fall of 2017.

Minutes taken by Rick Collins.

7/6/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

From RONA: VP Mike Bertram, Secretary Laura Carns
From County of Santa Clara, District 3 Office: Mike Donohoe
From California State Senate, District 10 OfficeTim Orozco
Lan Diep, Candidate for San Jose City Council, District 4
and about 8 other community members.

  1. Tentative congratulations to Lan Diep, our new Councilmember District 4. We look forward to working with you.
    1. Note that there are some recounts still ongoing, but the result is expected to hold at this time.
  2. ROP Traffic issues
    1. Zebra bike bumpers are removed. They will leave the botts dots.
    2. 4-way stop sign at Village Center & Research installed. Tree blocks one of the signs, will call it into DOT.
    3. Will ask again for a traffic study, this time not on a holiday week. ROP is a designated special flow street so we'll have to find a good reason for it to be re-designated to get the speed limit down to 25mph. The Agnews school would be a good leverage point for this.
    4. Still no action on the noisy manhole covers. 
  3. Jean and Mike have an appointment to talk with SJ City Planners regarding NSJ Area Development Policy. They will have a lot more information at the next RONA meeting. 
    1. Some questions they will be asking: where is high-density planned? where is retail? what's this about more compact parks?
    2. Will request to get a single planner assigned to NSJ so they have time to get familiar with our issues.
    3. Community support will be important going forward to make sure we have a voice in any changes to the NSJ plan.
  4. Need to check in on what's happening with Epic park. Some grass has been installed but there's no facilities, and still a large area fenced off. 
  5. Homeless issue update
    1. County has sent in service providers to work with folks in the creekbed.
    2. County has worked with various fire departments to make sure they're aware of the campfire issue and to work out any jurisdictional issues.
    3. County has worked with water district to set up flood triggers to ensure people get evacuated if they're in danger.
    4. County will be putting a bond measure on the ballot this November: $950 million over the next 30 years to address affordable housing concerns
  6. Concern about high vegetation along the creek. Rick Santos will email the maintenance folks.

6/1/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

From RONA: President Jean Marlowe, VP Mike Bertram, Secretary Laura Carns
From City of San José, Council District 4 Office:  Jonathan Padilla
From California State Senate, District 10 Office: Tim Orozco
Lan Diep, Candidate for San Jose City Council, District 4
and about 5 other community members.

  1. Bike-lane zebra bumps and other ROP traffic issues
    1. Paul emailed, Jean posted it to NextDoor. Zebra bumps will be removed "soon."
    2. The bots dots will still make noise even if the zebra bumps go. Can we tear those out too?
    3. The noisy manhole cover by Jim Meek's place is still noisy. No action from the city yet.
    4. Green "bike lane" paint is expensive, they need to get all the intersections in the city before they come back and paint more of our street. 
    5. 4 way stop sign at Research & Elan Village has been installed.
    6. Resident requests:
      1. A speed-board (automated radar). District 4 is going to buy one just for D4, can move it around without getting DOT involved.
      2. Zanker light should have a protected left.
      3. Why is ROP still 35 mph? The school is coming, see if that will cause it to slow down.
      4. More crosswalks where pedestrians are jaywalking: Crescent/Aire and Parkside/Millbrook. Can use Irvine's lobbyist Jim Canine to get pressure for improvements.
  2. NSJ Development Policy, Traffic Issues
    1. Where is the money for traffic mitigation? What fees were supposed to be collected and where has it been spent? Where are the improvements?
    2. Original NSJ plan was to use the Traffic Impact Fee to address issues in the Deficiency PlanPage 33 of the Deficiency Plan -- Phase I congestion management plan must be done before moving to Phase II. That means the recommended improvements to North 1st, Montague, Trimble, Oakland, etc... must be complete. However, because of the "economy", the city lowered the TIF from $15/sqft to $5 and even as low as $2! We now have a $50 million shortfall. 
    3. Spoke to Paul, Brazil at DOT. "It's complicated" but RONA needs to know because city council is voting in August on more housing in Phase I. Council has directed staff to look into ways to make up the short fall. Some ideas they're floating with: tax future construction ($35m); use other General Fund money ($8m); an income tax ($7m). RONA would like to follow up with DOT: where is the $$? what $ should there be? what was spent? where are the improvments?
    4. Jean has a contact who is a traffic engineer and not a RONA resident. He thinks the city is not doing a good job in NSJ and is willing to proofread and advise RONA on these issues.
    5. Need some people to dig thru the original NSJ plan for requirements we can hold the city council to. 
  3. the Council plan to release more NSJ housing units
    1. SuperMicro is pushing for workforce housing, 1500 units.
    2. Cit Planner "Jason" said they'd like to do it "right." EIR was originally planned for January, mayor is trying to pull that back to August. Public meeting on EIR should be this summer. Supposedly there's a completed traffic and land-use study, need to get copies of this.
    3. Most available locations are really small, except for one big block of Cisco property along Cisco Way.
    4. City is worried that the early Phase I buildout did not achieve the desired density for long term, might push for extremely high-density in the future: 108 units/acre, which is generally 10-story buildings. City is also worried that the original NSJ plan called for too much infrastructure between phases, and also too much parkland per person.
    5.  We need to get involved so that city doesn't gut the NSJ plan while scrambling for $$! 
  4. Rick Santos reports that he went to the neighborhood commission. This commission advises the city council on neighborhood issues. D4 gets 2 representatives from local neighborhood associations. RONA should get more involved in this because it will give us a bigger voice. 

5/4/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

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River Oaks Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

From RONA: President Jean Marlowe, Secretary Laura Carns
From City of San José, Council District 4 Office:  Jonathan Padilla and Manh Nguyen
From County of Santa Clara, District 3 Office: Mike Donohoe
From California State Senate, District 10 Office: Tim Orozco
From Santa Clara Unified School District: Larry Adams
Lan Diep, Candidate for San Jose City Council, District 4
and about 5 other community members.

  1. Bike Lane Update with John Brazil and Paul Smith from DOT
    1. The DOT folks surprise cancelled last-minute. They said they would send us plans for the re-deployment of the bike bumpers within 2 weeks. 
    2. Many folks arrived just to hear DOT. It is unacceptable that they cancel last-minute. Jon Padilla and District 4 will be sending a complaint to Jim Ortbal (the DOT boss). He will also arrange for a special DOT meeting before the end of May. Will have a date within the week.
    3. Community members reiterated their dissatisfaction with the bike lane bumpers. We have been complaining for many months now. DOT promised updated plans in January. We request the meeting be targeted at presenting solution options, not just listening to the same complaints we've been making for months.
    4. Community members reiterated their complaints about noisy manhole covers. Evidence seems to point to them being improperly installed.
    5. Community members suggested lowering speed limit to 25mph, and adding crosswalks to ROP. 
    6. Mahn Nguyen arrived late and said he would make sure city staff listens to our concerns.
  2. North San Jose Area Development Policy, More housing proposed.
    1. For details of the proposal, see last month's meeting minutes, item 4.
    2. Jean spoke out against the plan at the city council meeting in April. The Mayor, District 3's representative and our District 4's Mahn Nguyen are the sponsors. The planning staff seem committed to doing a good job, very focused on the traffic situation. Mayor is pushing for an EIR done by August, so city council can vote on it. 
    3. Some amount of this is affordable housing, city is working on a Fry's/Supermicro site closer to Berryessa area. Phase I has less than the required affordable allotment of 20%, so the Phase II allocation is going to have to be closer to 30% affordable to make up for it.
    4. RONA's position is that this will set a bad precedent, where developers can get exceptions to the NSJ plan. We are still concerned about traffic, retail, safety, schools, etc. We will be watching this issue closely and will likely ask for community support when the issue comes up for a vote.
    5. Manh Nguyen stated that the planners will have a community meeting in our area to discuss the issues.
  3. Iris Chang Park Update
    1. Jean went to the April meeting. She liked the plans. Some details are discussed here, in text form. Park should be open late 2017. 
  4. Smart Poles
    1. Smart poles are a combination of an LED streetlight and 4G LTE cell station. The city is working in partnership with industry via a pilot program. This pilot program basically allows the city to upgrade the streetlights for free and gets free upgraded cell reception. The partnering company gets to prove their technology and can lease the 4G LTE station to a cell company, which allows them to pay for the pole and installation.
    2. The city's pilot program is looking at placing Smart Poles along Innovation drive near Zanker Road.
  5. Agnews School and Bike Lanes (Larry Adams)
    1. For latest details of Agnews school, see last month's meeting minutes, item 2.
    2. EIR requires district to look at alternative access, including bike lanes. So Larry came to this meeting hoping to hear what DOT was planning for ROP. The main dropoff location will be on Zanker but obviously the bike/walk route along ROP is a concern.
    3. Next action is the SCUSD board will vote to confirm the 3-school plan at the next meeting (5/12). Also at that time the construction committee will ask the board to start the process to hire an architect. After that, the design and audit committees start.
    4. Folks have asked why there hasn't been demolition on the site -- we've been on-hold for 3 months waiting for the safety approvals. We have some contaminants on site (particularly chemically-contaminated soil near the buildings) which have very strict safety requirements. Once our process is approved, you will see deconstruction. The truck route will be along Zanker. 
    5. August 2019 is the target date for school opening. The middle/high school will pull students from SCUSD areas north of Highway 101. The elementary school boundaries are still to-be-determined. There will be many community meetings to decide the elementary school boundaries. 
    6. SCUSD is aware of the community's request for joint-use and community spaces. Will discuss options with San Jose city.
  6. Other announcements
    1. County District 3's Dave Cortese would like to invite folks to join his annual "Sacramento Bus Ride for Education," an opportunity to discuss state-level educational issues with the legislators in Sacramento.
    2. Tim Orozco of Bob Wieckowski's State Senate District 10 Office would like to talk to RONA next meeting, to report on what the Senator is doing for our community.
    3. Tim Orozco also invites us all to the Berryessa Art and Wine Festival. This Saturday May 7th, at the Berryessa Community Center. Many local politicians will be in attendance, in addition to the other fun activities.
Next RONA Board meeting is June 1st at 7pm, Elan Meeting Room.

    4/6/2016 -- Board Meeting Minutes

    posted Apr 18, 2016, 8:40 PM by River Oaks Neighborhood Association   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 8:53 PM ]

    River Oaks Neighborhood Association
    Wednesday, April 6, 2016
    Elan Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00pm

    From RONA: President Jean Marlowe, Secretary Laura Carns
    From City of San José, Council District 4 Office:  Jonathan Padilla
    From Santa Clara Valley Water District: Richard Santos
    Lan Diep, Candidate for San Jose City Council, District 4
    and about 10 other community members.

    1. The May meeting will have representatives from the Transportation Dept to discuss traffic and bike lane issues on ROP.
      1. Will discuss the future of the bike lane. City has money in budget for bike lane improvements, could be spent on changing the ROP configuration. Many community suggestions. Consensus seems to be that bike lane idea is good, but improvements needed for safety and effectiveness.
      2. Will discuss the improperly installed and very noisy manhole covers. Concern that DOT has not been responsive: need maintenance to actually make changes, not just visit and shrug shoulders. 
    2. Agnews School
      1. The slidesFor more information, www.santaclarausd.org/agnews or email communications@scusd.net.
      2. Jean went to the meeting on the 29th, along with about 20 other people. Laura went to the meeting on the 18th, with about 70 other people. Paraphrased notes from both:
        1. Community meeting to get feedback on choice between 2 or 3 schools: K-8 or K-5 and 6-8, and a high school. Various attendance numbers and concept drawings in slides.  
        2. Schools will be "urban" style, at least 2 stories. Attendance estimates in slides are just to give people an idea of how class sizing and cohorts will work, they still haven't gotten the demographer to look over the numbers. Environmental Impact Report had maximum capacity of 2800 students.
        3. After school hours, fields become parks. 
        4. 55 acre school, 29 acre city park. However, rumor is that city does not have the funds to develop the park. 
        5. Expected opening Fall 2019. 
        6. Expect ~2000 extra trips/day along Zanker for school drop-off. Will focus the traffic on Zanker, keep it off ROP. Will work with traffic engineers to make sure the drop-off flow works well. Will have some students walking/biking.
        7. Why the choice 2 or 3 schools? Well, K-8 are generally smaller and have less flexible resource that make it hard to have electives and extra-ciricular. Don Callejon is running into this issue. Also it would be a very big K-8, hard to manage. No matter what we do, the district-wide need is to have a mixed-cohort middle school grade (where you pull middle grades from multiple elementary schools). Mixed cohort K-8 generally don't have high success metrics. Whereas a elementary + middle model lets the elementary school and middle school focus on their key job: education. Educational Services staff found almost 0 Pro's for K-8 and many Con's. Whereas they found many Pro's for elementary+middle and fewer cons. So they highly recommend the 3-school E+M+H.
        8. Plan is to make all 3 schools "21st century" ready, with STEM focus and maker spaces, etc.
        9. Not even started on district boundaries discussions. No plans to close any schools. No discussions started on whether Don Callejon remains K-8 or goes K-5. 
      3. Vlad is on the oversight committee. He points out that the bond money has been available for a few years yet to construction has happened. Wants to see an audit.
      4. Historically SCUSD Board is considered to have transparency issues. 
      5. Farmer's market would be nice to have. District 4 can discuss with any community, VTA, or coporate space.
    3. Cadence on Innovation Dr. will be adding more buildings. ETA for construction?
    4. NSJ Vision 2030 update. 
      1. Phase I all residential is built out. Given current office development, could be 5 years before we get to Phase II. Given the housing crunch in the Bay Area, the mayor and CM Nguyen want more housing now. Focus on affordable housing that wasn't built out in Phase I. Focus also on high-density housing within 1/2 mile of transit. Will be discussed at the net council meeting. RONA is concerned that there hasn't been an opportunity for community feedback.
      2. Concern that we have too much housing without traffic, retail , or schools.
      3. News article: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2016/04/12/mayor-open-north-san-jose-to-more-housing-with.html
      4. Maps of 1/2 mile from VTA stations: NSJ and ROP
      5. Jean attended the 4/12 city council meeting. Her report here:
        Hi All,

        I went to the City Council meeting 4/12/2016 and spoke on Item 4.1.  Mayor Liccardo wants the city planners to move fast on his recommendation of moving forward 1500 residential units from Phase II. He is looking for the city to come back in August so they can vote on  it. Staff said they will do their best. 

        I've attached the Memorandum, Item 4.1, and a transcript of the actual meeting. Here are links for the video, audeo and transcript, if you'd rather look at it that way:

        links to the City Council Meeting from April 12th, 2016:
        Video: http://sanjose.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=51&clip_id=9056
        Audio: http://media-10.granicus.com:443/OnDemand/sanjose/sanjose_410a3244-e54f-4584-bc1f-0e3fbc276531.mp3
        Transcript: https://docs.google.com/gview?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsanjose.granicus.com%2FDocumentViewer.php%3Ffile%3Dsanjose_8a54ff6ae11a58f25d489b1b4c100bcb.pdf%26view%3D1&embedded=true

        Please note that our Councilperson for Dist 4, Manh Nguyen, sponsored this item along with Dist 3 Peralez and Mayor Licardo.

            Status Report on the Update to the North San Jose Area Development Policy
            Agenda Item 4.1
            Transcript of Agenda Item 4.1

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