Wifi Watch keeps growing 
December, 1st, 2017

More than 600.000 Android users had tried our app right now, and more important than the figures are the majority of positive reviews it'd been getting since the first release.

Try it right now from Google Play !!
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My first game: Spain 1940
May, 29th, 2017

Spain 1940 is an opensource game fully made using the Linux version of Unity 3D. Made with the purpose of practicing and improving my game development knowledge and in general with the intention of having a nice time while doing it. The game is released on purpose the same day that my first child is born, so obviously it is dedicated to him. Happy 0th birthday my son !!

You can download the game from itch.io, with Linux and Android versions:

And you can get the code from GitHub

Miguel Rivero

And the day has come: More than 500.000 installations of Wifi Watch in Google Play!! 
August, 20, 2016

Wow, this is amazing, more than half a million people installed our app worlwide !!!

This is great, great news, Thank You everybody for your support !!!

To celebrate that, we changed completely the look and feel of the app (also now it's reaaaaally fast):

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More than 200.000 installations of Wifi Watch in Google Play!! 

July, 20, 2014

One year after the release of the first version, our killer app has reached 200K downloads, just counting those from Google Play.

Soon it will be available also in Amazon Appstore !!

Wifi Watch reaches 100.000 downloads in Google Play!! 
January, 30, 2014

More than 100.000 users have downloaded our app from Google Play.


"Who's on my Wifi" is now "Wifi Watch"!! 

December, 27, 2013

It's time for a new and easier name for our star app. With more than 80.000 downloads, Wifi Watch will continue improving in the new 2014 !!

Happy new year to all of you !!

Reached 50.000 downloads of "Who's on my Wifi" !!
September, 16, 2013

More than 50.000 users have installed "Who's on my Wifi" in their devices. Many thanks to all of you !!!

August, 2, 2013

First, let us thank you all for the very successful launch of "Who's on my Wifi?". In just one month, we had almost 40.000 downloads of the app, what makes us really happy.

Taking in account your reviews, we have added some new features to the next version (1.1) :

- Now the app shows the MAC Address of all devices (if connected)
- You can give a name to all the detected devices, so it's easier for you to identify them immediately
- And, maybe the most important one: We have improved the search method, creating a new one from scratch, so you might have a much better (and faster) experience when discovering devices.

Also, we have a new version of Direct Text, with a totally new and exciting feature: Shortcuts screen.
With the shortcuts you can associate an image to a phrase (you can even change the phrase to one of your own) so it's much quicker to find the text you want to send.

Try them now !!


July, 4, 2013

We are really proud to announce what we're sure that will become a truly killer app from Riverdevs: Who's on my Wifi helps you to protect your home network from potential non desired guests and let you continuously monitor who is connected to your wireless network.

Try it right now from Google Play !!
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June, 20, 2013

Android app on Google Play

Android app on Google Play

June, 7, 2013

The first version of our second app is just released and available in Google Play !!

Check it out NOW !

Android app on Google Play

Soon we'll release a paid version with many more features.

May, 21, 2013

We are very exited to announce the release of our very first app into Google Play !!

You can install it from this link:  

Android app on Google Play

Master Phone let you compare your phone features with your friends' (or not friends at all :D) phones, so finally you can really be sure that YOU ARE THE MASTER HERE !!.

The app checks several aspects of your device, like the camera quality, processor speed etc and gives a score for each of them, so you have an objective way to tell your friend that, yes, your phone is actually better.... ;)

Here you can see some screenshots of the app: