2014 FLL Teams 2838 and 3063

2015 FLL Tournaments
Putnam Museum, Davenport and Iowa State University, Ames
2014 FLL Challenge


Research Topic: Piano Key Recognition and Computer Programming

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Thank you to John Deere for sponsoring our 2014 FIRST LEGO League team.

Teams 2838 and 3063 enjoyed exciting Regional Qualifiers!

Team 3063 "rocked the robot design competition" and were recognized with a Robot Design award.

2014 FLL Regional Qualifier
1st Place Robot Design
Putnam Museum, Davenport

Team 2838 advanced to the Iowa FLL Championship based on their performance in Core Values, Project, and Robot.  Their MusiGlow helpimprove the way that beginner piano students learn key recognition and their robot had the fourth highest score of the day.

At the Iowa FLL Championship, Team 2838 was recognized with an Honorable Mention for Core Values.

2014 Iowa FLL Championship
Honorable Mention Core Values
Iowa State University, Ames

Visit the Iowa State Engineering Kids website for more information about the Iowa FLL including upcoming events, event information, and tournament results.
The 2014 FLL team extends our gratitude to our mentors:

Dr. Randy Hengst
Professor of Education
Augustana College

Dr. Jodi Prosise
Asst. Professor of Engineering
St. Ambrose University

Margaret Thompson
Music Educator
Riverdale Heights Elementary

Michael Thompson
Mechanical Engineer
John Deere

Teams 2838 and 3063
Riverdale Rocks Robots Blue and Riverdale Rocks Robots Gray

IA FLL Championship Round 2

Team 2838's most exciting
Robot Game round in competition!

Regional Qualifier Round 2

Team 3063's most exciting
Robot Game round in competition!