2010 FLL Team 4931

  2010 FLL Iowa Championship
Honorable Mention Innovative Solution
Honorable Mention Innovation & Strategy

Iowa State University, Ames
2010 FLL Challenge

4931 Research Topic: Heart Attacks

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Through a grant from Rockwell Collins, Riverdale Heights Robotics established its first FIRST LEGO League team in 2010.


Team 4931 had a successful season and advanced to the Iowa FLL Championship based on their
 Core Values/Teamwork Interview. 

They continued their success at the Iowa Championship where they were recognized for their Innovative Solution of using micro-perfusion balloons to deliver ApoA-1 Milano to dissolve plaque build-up in the heart and their Innovation and Strategy for the use of a catapult to transport white blood cells to the patient area and their use of "hidden freedoms" to deliver the cardiac patch and pacemaker to the heart in the Robot Game.

2010 FLL Regional Qualifier

1st Place Core Values
Putnam Museum, Davenport

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The 2010 FLL team extends our gratitude to our mentor:

Nicolas W. Shammas, MD
Genesis Heart Institute

Team 4931
Riverdale Rocks Robots

Iowa Championship Round Two

Our best Robot Game round in competition ... 160 points!
Watch closely to see our award-winning catapult
in action during the 3rd mission.