Welcome to Texas Thunder Baseball


Texas Thunder Baseball is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the development of baseball skills in San Antonio area youth since 2009, and we take great pride in helping young players get to the next level of play.  We focus on building character as well as developing skills and talent by emphasizing teamwork, integrity, morals, discipline, sportsmanship and honesty.  We believe that each player should represent himself in a way that honors himself, his teammates, his peers and his family.

We are looking for players/parents that will allow us to share our passion for the game with them.  We are looking for players that have dreams and aspirations of playing at the next level (high school, college, professional), and who have the desire and determination to achieve their goals.  We are looking for players/parents that will be as committed to our organization as we will be to them.

Ultimately Texas Thunder Baseball teaches players to respect the game, establish a good work ethic and to play hard.  We strive to provide opportunities and exposure for young competitive baseball players in the San Antonio area that are not available to them in a little league environment.


Player Expectations

Players are expected to attend practice on the designated practice days (show up on time)

Players are expected to be dressed out in full uniform at each practice (baseball hat, practice shirt, baseball pants, belt, socks, baseball shoes), unless instructed otherwise by the coach

Players are expected to be properly equipped at each practice (bat bag, bat, glove, helmet, catcher’s gear if applicable, cup)

Players are expected to pay attention, to encourage fellow teammates and to give 110% effort at practice and in games

Players are expected to maintain passing grades (coaches will check progress reports)

Most importantly players are expected to HAVE FUN!

Parent Expectations

Parents are expected to meet all financial obligations in full and remain in a current status regarding their account.  Parents will receive biweekly billing statements and all payments are expected to be received within 3 days of receipt of the billing statement.  Special arrangements may be requested and will be taken into consideration by the coach and financial manager.  If approved, the agreement must be upheld and payment must be received in a timely manner in order to ensure the financial stability of each team

Parents are expected to provide positive support for their son as well as the team during both practices and games

Any questions or concerns need to be addressed at an appropriate time and/or setting established by the coach and parent, and each interaction needs to be handled in a professional manner


Coach Expectations

Coaches are expected to show up on time to practice and games

Coaches are expected to have a practice plan prepared prior to showing up to practice

Coaches are expected to provide constructive instruction and positive reinforcement to each player, to emphasize teamwork and good sportsmanship, and be a positive role model to every player on their team.

Coaches are expected to communicate with the parents if there are changes to the practice or tournament schedule

Coaches are expected to address any questions or concerns at an appropriate time and/or setting established by the coach and parent, and each interaction needs to be handled in a professional manner

**If for any reason any of the player or parent expectations/requirements are not met by the player or parent, that party may be dismissed from the organization, without recourse.


Thank you and welcome to Texas Thunder Baseball!!