Wildlife Recording

With the help of many local experts, Stamford RiverCare is beginning to collect and collate records of plants and animals found in, on or near the River Welland. The more we know about what there is, the better we can work with others to ensure that the natural wildlife of the area survives and thrives. We will be putting more on the site about what's been found soon.

But the group needs your help with this recording task! If you walk the dog there, visit the meadows with the kids or just ocassionally take a long walk along the length through the town and you see anything, we want to know what you saw, when you saw it and where. To make it as easy as possible we've created a simple form (see below) that you can download and either print out (to fill in by hand and send back); or fill in electronically. An on-line version will be available soon.

Click here to open the form (MS Word .doc format 150KB)
You can also record your findings directly to biodiversity@anglianwater.co.uk

We are also planning a series of events to help develop people's skills in identifying some of the more commonly encountered species. Also anyone with any particular skills in wildlife identification would be particularly welcome to help the group with this task - do please get in contact if you can help.
Seen something, but not sure what? Try www.ispot.org.uk