The Meadows

The Meadows is common land - divided by the Enclosure Act 1871 between Burghley Estates, the Freemen and the Town Council. The Town Council is responsible for the Town Meadow from the Town Bridge to the first complete fence across the Meadows. The next two fields belong to the Freemen.

The footpath across the Town Meadow, known as Vence Walk, is owned and maintained by South Kesteven District Council.
A claimed footpath and bridleway cross the Meadows.

The litter bins on this walk are owned and emptied daily by South Kesteven District Council. All other litter bins, picnic tables, seats, trees etc. belong to the Town Council

The maintenance of the Meadows is the responsibility of the Town Council who employ a contractor to mow the grass from April to October inclusive.

All other maintenance and collection of litter on this and the allotments is carried out by the Cemetery Staff.
The Meadows is an important flood protection area for Stamford, flooding at least once a year. As a result it gets alot of nutrients from the river water, leading to lush grass growth; historically it would have provided both an important summer hay crop as well as providing rich grazing for cattle.
Today, the Meadows are well-used for leisure activities, and also host events such as The Mid-Lent Fair, Antiques Festival, the Riverside Festival, and Rivercare's own River Day.
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The Town Meadow, looking west from Vence Walk.

The footpath across the Freemen's Meadow, from Melancholy Walk next to the Mill Stream.

The Meadows in use during the Riverside Festival.