RiverCare is an exciting partnership project running in the Anglian Water region that aims to tackle local environmental quality and related anti-social behaviour issues around our waterways.

RiverCare engages a variety of stakeholders in order to meet this aim. In particular, local communities are engaged and given the support they need to take an active role in improving their local riverside environments and reclaiming them as vibrant green spaces.

River corridors are both key recreational areas and valuable habitats. The water quality of the rivers in the Anglian Water region is the best it’s been for generations. Biodiversity is thriving and key species such as the Otter are making a great comeback after years of decline.

However, litter and rubbish is all too often dumped along our rivers. This presents a very real danger to wildlife (for example through suffocation or infection). Importantly, it also creates a less welcoming environment and many affected waterside environments also suffer from anti-social behaviour and become 'no-go areas' for local people rather than an asset to be enjoyed.



RiverCare supports communities to set up active volunteer groups to address these issues. RiverCare Groups take on clean up tasks themselves and become a hub of local networking for other organisations to work with.

The project works with communities in over 30 locations around the region, from North Lincolnshire to the Essex estuaries.

RiverCare is a partnership project between Anglian Water (the project funder), Keep Britain Tidy and the Environment Agency and works closely with many other organisations to make real changes ‘on the ground’ and enable communities to continue the work.

Link to the RiverCare website: http://www.rivercare.org.uk