Stream Courtesies and Rules

Licenses:  You must have a Virginia Freshwater Fishing License to fish Riverbound waters.  Check the applicable regulations for resident and non-resident licenses that may apply to you.   

We ask and expect our members and guests to adhere to these simple stream courtesies and rules while fishing Riverbound waters.  We've also attached these rules in a handy file below so that you may print them out separately.
1.  Please respect our handicapped members and guests.  Do not fish areas where the wheelchair ramps are located whenever handicapped individuals are present.  Able fishermen can fish the whole stream, but our handicapped fishermen are limited only to those areas accessible to them.  Should a handicapped fisherman appear while you are fishing one of these locations, we ask that you please move on and leave those spaces to them.
2.  Single, barbless hooks, artificial lures only!!  BE SURE TO DE-BARB!!!!
3.  No fishing without a schedule slot.  You must call and book a slot in advance of fishing.
4.  No guests!!  (Unless accompanied by a representative of Riverbound or prior arrangements have been made and fees paid in advance.)
5.  No fish in possession!  Catch and release only!  No exceptions!
6.  Catch and release must be done in a manner that ensures survival of the fish.  Use of a large rubber mesh net is strongly recommended.  (The less handling done the better.)  See Don't Stress your Fish
7.  No littering!!!  
8.  Park in designated areas only.  No vehicles allowed beyond parking area.
9.  No live or artificial bait may be in possession while on the water.
10.  Practice courteous fishing etiquette at all times.  (Give the other fellow room!)
11.  Fishing from daylight 'til dark.  No night fishing.
12.  When camping in specified areas, please remove all trash and personal effects when you leave.
13.  Fires may only be built in firepits provided at each site.
14.  No cutting of any greenwoods - trees, in other words.
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Bob Crawshaw,
May 19, 2011, 1:53 PM