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The Raptor Rehabilitation Project is a service and education organization of the University of Missouri-College of Veterinary Medicine in Columbia, Missouri.

The Wild Bird Sanctuary's mission is to preserve the earth′s biological diversity and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments. They work to fulfill this mission through education, propagation, field studies and rehabilitation

More than 50,000 observers participate each year in this all-day census of early-winter bird populations. The results of their efforts are compiled into the longest running database in ornithology, representing over a century of unbroken data on trends of early-winter bird populations across the Americas. Simply put, the Christmas Bird Count, or "CBC", is citizen science in action.

The major goal of the society is to encourage the development, maintenance, and monitoring of bluebird trails in the state of Missouri and to encourage citizens of Missouri to have safe bluebird boxes in their yards.

"The science of birding in the wild." A place to begin for information on wild birds. The main page site index map has 15 categories. Under the section of Bird watching, they have bird songs and calls links, helpful advice for bird watching. Under the section of Birds in the Backyard, they have suggestions for bird feeding, bird houses and boxes, enhancing bird habitats, and bird problems.

These web sites has nearly anything you need to know about birds and birding. They link to five topics: Birding, Scientific, Fun and Games. Birder's Mall, and Bookstore. Each topic has lots of sections with links and informative pages. The Birding topic has Checklists, Rare Bird Alert, Hot Spots For Birders, Favorite Birds, Backyard Birders, and links to birding organizations.

1979 Missouri Conservationist - Article on Winter Birds

Winter in Missouri. Has section on Eagles Days in winter. Winter is best time to view eagles in Missouri. Another section Backyard Bird Feeding tells what types of food birds prefer. Identifying Winter Birds is helpful. This page is a reprint of the December 1979 Missouri Conservationist.

Missouri Birding

Missourians have let MDC know that enjoying nature and watching wildlife are some of their favorite activities. This guide is intended to make those pursuits with binoculars and field guides a little easier.

Missouri's Conservation Atlas is your invitation to explore nearly 1,000 Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) areas that have been acquired for your enjoyment. Almost 800,000 acres of land, thousands of miles of streams and rivers, and hundreds of lakes owned and leased by the Department await your discovery.

Has topics such as Bird of the Week-gives a picture, cool facts, sounds, Sound of the Week, Slide of the Week, Bird Facts and FAQ'S, Bird Source Projects, and Conservation and Population Studies.

Subjects include: Types of Bird, Identify that bird, Songs and Calls, Field Guides, Backyard Birds, Birdhouses/Feeders, Injured/Baby birds, Where to see Birds, Checklists, Bird Trips/Tours, Bird Clubs, Bird Clip art, Make Bird Crafts, Watch Bird Cams, FUN stuff and Cards, Bird Photography, Family Bird Fun, Find other Birders, Binoculars and Scopes, Things to Buy, Software and CDs, Flight, Migration, Bird Anatomy, Extinct Birds, Conservation, Research/Projects, Rare Bird Alerts, and Banding and Ringing.

BIRDNET is an ornithological information source that provides links to 10 North American professional ornithological societies.

This is a personal web site. The sections include a Photo gallery, backyard bird feeding, field birding. She's been to the Amazon River, Jamaica and Latin America, and in the U.S. This section gives details of her trip with excellent photographs.

Comprehensive selection of wild bird information, articles, on-line life list, and the mall. is devoted to birding around the U.S. and around the world. There are over 2,500 links from this web site. Each Quarter, Siskin and Egret announce their "4 Wings Up" Awards for the Top 25 Birding Web Sites Discover the top birding "Hot Spots", print out free checklists and discover the best birding web sites for each area. "Where To Bird" bird has a separate page devoted to each State and Province as well as many foreign countries. is the place to come for answers about wild birds in your yard and around the corner! There are free checklists for every State and Province here at: The site also describes the #1 rated Birding CD-ROM for North America.

The National Audubon Society Field Guides hit the web! Very slick site with information on each bird species. If you need to write a report for school, this is a great place to start!

This page provides information on bird baths, why birds enjoy them, what birds use them, safe places to put them, and how to set up and maintain the bath.