Bowels and bladder
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Expressing Bowels

When a dog has neurological damage, getting them to poo on schedule is important. Plain canned pumpkin helps keep stools not too hard or not too soft. Using 1 teaspoon daily is useful. But the method below is what I use to make sure Merlina poops before bedtime so she doesn't have an accident at night. Use 1 hour after dinner. Click on the image to enlarge.


Expressing Bladder

Merlina regained bladder control very fast once she was home, so I never got really good at expressing her bladder. However, it is very common that dogs with neuro deficits need help to pee.


First, you must know the difference between OVERFLOWING and PEEING on it´s own. When a dog overflows it´s not voluntarily peeing. The bladder is full and without the dog willingly wanting to pee, it just gets out. Since the pee doesn´t get out completly, but just partially, it can lead to an infection, so it´s important that first of all you confirm with your vet if your dog does not have one.

A dog that overflows wets its bed between potty breaks, leaks out with any movement, or does not go when taken to the peeing spot. That dog must be expressed 4 times per day, or more if it drinks a lot of water.

Here is an article on how to espress your dog:

My friend Paula Milner has a great web page with TONS of info on how to take care of a paralized dog. She takes awesome care of Clark, the downed pup, and of his sister Lewis.

To see how she expresses Clark every day, Click HERE.

Also please check PAULA'S WEB PAGE for information on carts or wheels for dogs, how to take care of a paralyzed dog, etc.