your achy or stressed dog

The Old Tube Sock Heat Pad works like a charm and is much cheaper than buying one at a store.  Great for dogs with back soreness or arthritis. This is a fast, cheap and easy way to comfort your aching pup.



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A home made hind end sling can be done with some Ace bandage, an old scarf, an old towel or sheet. But if you´re looking for a better product (recommended if your dog´s recovery is taking a while, or if the dog has a degenerative disease like DM, GME or advanced arthritis), look into a professional made harness. Some examples can be found at:


Dogs with achy backs or joints loooove memory foam. Try to find a doggy bed with it. It provides comfort and support plus helps keep the back aligned. Cover the memory foam bed with plastic because it must not get wet, and if the dog has neuro problems and so so bladder control, odds are it will get wet. On top of the plastic put a cotton sheet. How do I know dogs love memory foam so much? Just take a look at Merlina hogging HER memory foam bed and pillow:


Rescue Remedy is made from flowers. It´s natural. And it can be a life saver when your whining dog starts to "sing the blues" while on crate rest.

Put 4 drops in the drinking water, twice a day, during the stressful times, and your dog will relax. If the dog is already stressed, it can take up to 3 days to fully kick in. But again, it´s natural.

I also use it putting 2 drops on 2 treats and give it to my dogs when I notice there is going ot be thunder or fireworks, and it helps them... well... to tell you the truth... they don´t relax completly... but they don´t go as bezerk as they usually do without it.


Here is an easy way to make a home made pacifier while you can get a real Kong. Kongs are lifesavers while dogs are "doing time" in the crate, but if you don´t have one right now, make one of these until you get to the petstore and can buy a real Kong. Click on the image to enlarge it.