(updated 3 June 2011)

Sociology Final Exam - the list of key concepts can be found here

Hoop Dreams resources

        Hoop Dreams, 15 Years later (2010)
        Son of "Hoop Dreams" player aims high (2010)
        Looking Back at Broken 'Dreams'

Semester calendar




         Each week, you will be required to create three posts on Edmodo, an online learning community:


         1. A current event.  See the instructions here.


         2. A reflection on the chapter's material.  See the instructions here.


         3. Movie reflections.  See the instructions here.


         To login in, go to, create an account, and use ttgxqm to join the Sociology group.

            Once there, you should see the first week's assignment.  be sure to respond to each in correct

         Here is the login information for
                             Class ID: 3791994   Password: durkheim


   Mapping America - Every city, Every block (The New York Times)

    How to Live Forever (Newsweek, April 2011)

    Devil's Playground analysis
        - analyze some aspect(s) of the Amish culture depicted in the movie using the three different sociological
        perspectives: interactionism, functionalism, and conflict theory
        - you may choose one characteristic, and analyze it using the three theories, or three different characteristics
        - take notes while viewing so you’ll be able to complete the assignment and refer to specific examples from
        the film.

    Your Social Network / The IHS Social Network (due Monday, 14 March)  

    Ch. 9 - Social stratification

    Time to school this myth (The Seattle Times, 15 Feb. 2011)
    Web of Popularity, Achieved by Bullying (The New York Times, 14 Feb. 2011)
         Ch. 5: Socialization
         Parents or Prisons (read by Friday, 10/9)
         Going Dutch (The perils of European socialism?) [The New York Times Magazine, 3 May 2009]

         Losing It: Why Self-Control Is Not Natural (, 10 Apr. 2009)

         Ch. 9: Stratification
              Minimum wage assignment - type, and bring to class on                       .
              Supplemental readings jigsaw - due turnitin before 7:25am on                       . 
         Ch. 11: Gender, Age, & Health
              Why Is Her Paycheck Smaller?
         Magic Mountain           

chapter assignments

         Questions for The Breakfast Club

Sociology glossaries

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