Translator Profile      
Translate and Teach: Multiple Resources under one roof

Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Course in Legal Translation and Interpretation, ESIT in Paris, France

M.A. (French Studies) , GRS department, Delhi University, India

Cambridge CELTA, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Languages: French, English, Hindi, Punjabi


I am qualified to translate and teach.  I am a translator/ teacher by choice and not by chance.  It was a conscious decision and I trained to be a translator.


I have been working as a translator since 1996 gaining valuable experience and training.  Although there was no concept of specialization in one particular field in my university but the fact that I studied a lot of literature and had to translate different sorts of texts gave me valuable exposure. 


Language is living and breathing and it evolves all the time.  So, it is important to keep in touch with new developments and be open to learn.  In the course of my continued efforts at self-developement, I attended various workshops and seminars including Katha Workshop of Translation in April 2000.


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