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About Feng Shui-Fengshui , also popularly known as Chinese astrology is about 5000 years old or so. Feng Shui is the mystic Chinese art based on Tao principles.It creates balance and harmony in our personal environment.Our source of divine energy is earth and heaven.Feng shui is the Chinese wisdom to understand universal energy and its effects.Its use enrich us physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.It creates a balance of energies . Harmonious environment energy helps to bring out our best and fulfill our desires and dreams.

Feng shui means wind and water.Feng shui creates a balance between wind and water. Wind when flows in a moderate manner, it is peaceful and beneficial. Water, which is clean and pure satisfies our needs and it is beneficial.The water is regarded as wealth in Feng shui.

Most people relate Feng shui with Indian vastu only and are not aware of its its astrological part. There are twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac viz. Rat,ox ,Tiger, Rabbit,Dragon,Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar. Each corresponds a direction in the compass.


In Fengshui there are twelve zodiac signs and there are five traditional elements , namely- fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Everything in this world is related to one of these basic elements. These elements play a big role in our day to day life. In Chinese astrology all these elements or most of these elements, can be found in individual's birth -chart because your time, day and date of birth, all relates to the different elements. One can easily discover which element relates to your year of birth. We can come to know that which person is born in which year by viewing the chart given under each zodiac sign. The following characteristics are applicable for those persons born in the different zodiac year as per their zodiac birth chart.

Zodiac Characterstics

Rat Year

Ox Year

Tiger Year

Rabbit Year

Dragon Year

Snake Year