5th Monash-Ritsumeikan Symposium on Probability and Related Fields

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25 - 27 March, 2015

New Horizons, 20 Research Way,
Monash University, Clayton

The 5th Monash-Ritsumeikan Symposium on Probability and Related Fields is an upcoming joint venture between the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Ritsumeikan University and the Centre for Modelling of Stochastic Systems in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University. This year the symposium will double-up as a RARE (Risk Analysis, Ruin and Extremes - https://www.liv.ac.uk/institute-for-financial-and-actuarial-mathematics/rare/) event with a number of experts from Europe attending the meeting. It will be an opportunity to foster the exchange of important developments and the latest ideas in the field. 

Confirmed Speakers

Confirmed Speakers include: Takanori Adachi (Ritsumeikan University), Jiro Akahori (Ritsumeikan University), Severine Arnold (University of Lausanne), Andrew Barbour (The University of Zurich), Corina Constantinescu (University of Liverpool), Marc Demange (RMIT), Yan Dolinski (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Daniel Dufresne (The University of Melbourne), Jie Yen Fan (Monash University), Masatoshi Fujisaki (Ritsumeikan University), Tim Garoni (Monash University), Humberto Godinez (University of Liverpool), Junyi Guo (Nankai University), Yuri Imamura (Ritsumeikan University), Peter Jagers (Chalmers University), Fima Klebaner (Monash University), Marie Kratz (ESSEC), Jinzhu Li (Nankai University), Greg Markowsky (Monash University), Atsushi Naganawa (Ritsumeikan University), Weihong Ni (University of Liverpool), Zbigniew Palmowski (University of Wroclaw), Meng Shi (Monash University), Zhongyan Sun (Nankai University), Dai Taguchi (Ritsumeikan University), Hideyuki Tanaka (Ritsumeikan University), Nick Wormald (Monash University), Wei Zhu (University of Liverpool)

Scientific Committee

The Symposium's Scientific Committee consists of Jiro Akahori, Andrea Collevecchio, Kais Hamza and Fima Klebaner

Organising Committee

The Symposium's Organising Committee consists of Andrea Collevecchio, Kais Hamza and Fima Klebaner