Educational Articles

Here are a number of educational articles (particularly related to analog circuits, control theory and analog IC design) that I wrote under the guidance of Dr. K Radhakrishna Rao for his notesets atĀ The articles present a unique, systematic and intuitive approach to basic concepts of system design as well as relatively complex concepts of analog IC design. I hope you find them to be useful. The files are in PDF format and are downloadable.
  1. Determination of Transfer Function of Certain Passive Electrical Networks [Download]
  2. Analog IC Design - A Unified Approach - Part I [Download]
  3. Analog IC Design - A Unified Approach - Part II [Download]
  4. The Negative Resistance - Part I [Download]
  5. The Negative Resistance - Part II [Download]

Here are some other useful articles fromĀ
  1. Realization of IC Building Blocks using Network Theory Principles [Download]
  2. Feedback Theory [Download]
  3. Active-Device Realizations of Basic Feedback Systems [Download]
  4. Design of Amplifiers and Controlled Sources [Download]